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The chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission :Mrs. Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei

Update: Breakdown of NHIS card registrants for 10 regions

A total of 56, 085 people from the 10 regions who registered with the National Health Insurance cards ahead of the 2012 elections have been submitted to the Supreme Court by the Electoral Commission today.

In an exclusive list of the 10 regions obtained by, Central region which is considered a swing region had 14,000 people registering with NHIS cards in 2012.

Ashanti region, the stronghold of the opposition New Patriotic Party had 7,106 NHIS card registrants while the Volta region, the stronghold of the governing National Democratic Congress had 3,884 NHIS registrants.

The Eastern region recorded 2, 383, Northern region 301, Upper East 193, Upper West 253 and Western regions 2,315 NHIS card registrants.

The Greater Accra region had 17, 650 and the Brong Ahafo region also had 8, 000 people who registered with the NHIS cards.

The figures obtained by have been corroborated by pollster and editor of the Dispatch newspaper Ben Ephson.

The order by the Supreme Court for the EC to submit the list of NHIS card registrants follows the interpretation-confusion that ensued between the electoral commission and Abu Ramadan, the plaintiff who went to court to seek interpretation of the legality or otherwise of such names in the electoral roll.

Ramadan therefore went to court to seek clarification on the initial judgment that asked the EC to take steps to remove names of NHIS registrants from the register.

Although there are concerns that the EC cannot provide all the names due to the short requirement notice, the election management body gave the assurance it will provide the full list to the court today.

Meanwhile, pollster Ben Ephson will on Friday July 1 host a special edition of Ephson’s File to present a comprehensive breakdown of the figures presented to the Supreme Court by the Electoral Commission.

Source: Ghana/ Welsing

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