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Mahama Ford gift “remarkable spectacle” – Nana Addo

Flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party has described as a “remarkable spectacle” President John Mahama’s decision to accept a car gift from a Burkinabe contractor.

The President has come under attack following news reports that he accepted a ford car as gift from a Burkinabe businessman who was subsequently given a contract by the Ghana government in 2012, when Mr. Mahama was vice president.

Addressing a gathering at the International Young Democrat Union’s (IYDU) Freedom Forum in Accra, the former attorney general, who is coomenting on the matter for the first time, said the development is interesting.

“I’m sure you have been here following the remarkable spectacle of our president, who has been given a $100,000 gift by a contractor and the issues that it has raised about conflict of interest, about personal integrity, code of conduct of public officers. And this is within a context where there have been persistent and many instances of proven allegations of widespread corruption in President Mahama’s government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mahama has described the incident as mere politics intended to distract him.

“The issue of a Ford Expedition, I have never been under the illusion that gift was a gift to the State and it has never been used for my personal comfort.

“I don’t use Fords. I don’t like American cars. I use Japanese cars. Toyota is my car,” he said.

He added: “It is matter for the Commission on Human Rights. I hear there is a petition there and appropriately, we will respond to it.”

He had earlier said “If you believe I have indulged in corruption, you have the constitutional means to do what you want to do but when you make baseless rumors and accusations, it won’t win you the Presidency. Ghanaians are discerning and I believe come November 7, they will make their decision”.

Source:Ghana/ Acheampong

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