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Promises, Promises, Promises, Again!-Dr. Nduom cries!

Nana Akufo-Addo is promising a factory in every district. John Dramani Mahama is promising millions of jobs. It can only mean one thing – we are approaching another election. So they are at it again, making promises they cannot keep. You would think they would have learnt from the mistakes of the past. But no, they believe in promising what they believe the people want to hear. So they can win votes. Are Ghanaians not wiser than some politicians take them to be? Do our people not know the saying about “Kwatrekwa”?

What about the fundamental problems we face that make it difficult to govern this country well? Compulsory education, election of MMDCEs, independent prosecutor’s office to fight corruption, separating the job of MP from that of Minister of State, Strengthening the National Identification Authority to work, etc. These a president can deal with and make work successfully. And these the Progressive People’s Party puts in front of everything else. Build a sound foundation, build good infrastructure, then facilitate investment in the private sector, encourage our private sector with strong purchasing power from the state.

If it is building factories that work well and jobs that last, then I respectfully ask Ghanaians to look to the one called “Edwumawura”, Papa Kwesi Nduom.

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