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Presidential candidate of the APC Hassan Ayariga

Ghana under ‘disguised’ military rule – Hassan Ayariga

The founder and flagbearer of the All People’s Congress, Hassan Ayariga, has said Ghana under the current constitution, is under a disguised military rule.

He said until the 1992 constitution is reviewed to limit the powers of the executive, the country will not see any meaningful development.

“We have too much executive powers and that is why all these things are happening in this country. We have given so much powers to the executive and I tell you; we are being ruled in a military regime in disguise. Ghana is being ruled in military regime in disguise, under every leadership.

“The winner-takes-all political syndrome is the problem. When our forefathers were drafting the constitution they drafted it to suit Rawlings so he could accept it. And that must change before we can see progress,” the maverick politician told Starr News in an interview after he was elected first flagbearer of his newly established party.

Meanwhile, reports say sympathisers outnumbered delegates at the congress that elected Mr. Ayariga.

Starr News’ Kobby Gomez Mensah who covered the congress reported that many of the supposed delegates appeared as though they were merely given party T-shirt to show up, without any knowledge of the party.

According to Gomez Mensah, all the political parties, except the NDC and NPP sent representatives to offer their solidarity messages.

Mr. Ayariga who led the PNC in the 2012 elections formed the APC after he failed to clinch the flagbearership slot for the party for the 2016 polls. He lost the slot to veteran and former flagbearer, Dr. Edward Mahama.

Source:Ghana/ Acheampong

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