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Anas exposé : Judge sues Chief Justice for ‘unlawful’ dismissal

Source: citifmonline.com

One of the judges indicted in the judicial corruption scandal uncovered by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has sued the Chief Justice for dismissing him from the service.

The Magistrate judge, Stephen Asuure, who joined the Attorney General to the suit is praying the High Court to overrule his removal from office without benefits which took effect from December 7, 2015.

Mr. Asuure, who is a Career Magistrate was part of some 32 judges captured in a video by Anas allegedly taking bribes to influence justice. Mr. Asuure in particular has been accused of receiving an amount of GHc500 in a matter titled Republic Vrs Abubakar S. Adam & Ors to allegedly lure him to be lenient on the accused persons; an allegation he has rejected.

A committee was subsequently formed by the Chief Justice to investigate the conduct of the judges in question, leading to the dismissal of the culprits following the recommendations of the disciplinary committee.

The judge in his writ argued that “…my removal from office as a Magistrate is not only procedurally wrong but is also in violation of my fundamental human rights…” Mr. Asuure further stated that the disciplinary committee also “prevented me from calling witnesses to corroborate my denial of the allegations against me…contrary to provisions of article 19 (2)(c) and (e) of the Constitution, 1992 as well as Regulation 40 (1) of L.I. 319.” Elaborating further on the matter on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, counsel for Mr. Asuure, John Ndebugri, said his client has decided to go to court because he feels his rights have been trampled upon.

“What my client told me is that, on the day he appeared before the disciplinary committee, apparently they were fed up with the work and they said we are finishing today so let’s hurry up. And he said, I have witnesses to come and testify that I took this money for the purpose of apprehending this Anas agent but they said no and they concluded the matter.

That flies in the face of the constitution,” he argued. Judges fired Some 22 lower court judges and 12 High Court judges were captured in the the two-year investigative piece by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, allegedly taking bribes to influence justice. So far, 20 of the lower court judges have been removed from office whereas two High court judges have also been fired.

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