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Dzifa Attivor’s tribal comments were ‘below the belt’ – NPP


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has condemned the former Transport minister, Dzifa Attivor, for inciting tribal sentiments after she claimed the opposition party is anti-Ewe.

The Volta regional branch of the opposition party has described the comment as “below the belt”.

Dzifa Attivor stoked controversy after she charged Voltarians to keep the NPP out of power otherwise Voltarians in the NDC will be jailed.

She cited Victor Selormey and Dan Abodapki, two former NDC government officials jailed for causing financial loss to the state as examples of NPP’s persecution of Ewes. She said their treatment by the NPP ought to be a memorial pointing Voltarians to vote against the NPP.

The former minister explained that she may spend time in prison time, is the NPP is voted into power.

I want to remind you that it is your vote that will decide if Fifi Kwetey and I will be prosecuted and put behind bars or not, she rallied.

Her comment is trending on social media raking up at least 1,300 shares in a few hours. Some feel her comment was a concession to having been corrupt in the bus branding saga, a matter that led to her resignation as Transport minister.

But her spokesperson, Egypts Kudoto, unfazed by the negative commentary says the comments by her boss were meant to remind residents of Volta Region that Volta regional frontliners in the NDC are likely targets for prosecutions under the NPP.

He conceded that although the NPP prosecuted other non-Ewe NDC government officials, a majority of the victims were from the Volta region.

Egypts Kudoto referred to comments made by a former NPP top brass J.H Mensah who reportedly vowed to deal with the NDC until the party collapsed.

The spokesperson inferred that the NPP will wipe out the NDC starting with officials from its stronghold, the Volta region.

Egypt was uninterested in responding to the opposite claim that the NDC also prosecuted Akans, the ethnic stronghold of the NPP.

The NDC prosecuted the likes of Kwadwo Mpianim, Wereko Brobbey when it came back to power in 2009 but all of them were acquitted and discharged.

NPP chairman in the Volta Region John Peter Amewu expressed disappointment in the former minister’s comment.

He said the NPP has never jailed any NDC government official. The party can only go as far as presenting its case in court. It is a judge that sentences an accused person, he said stressing that the NPP is a big believer in the rule of law.

John Peter Amewu said Dzifa Attivor’s comments are calculated to incite young Voltarians against the NPP in the November elections.

He pointed out that other non-Ewes Sipa Yankey, Kwame Peprah were Akans but were also tried by the NPP administration.

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