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Ted Cruz lashes out at Donald Trump after massive New York primary loss


Ted Cruz on Wednesday said that he was not discouraged by his massive loss in Tuesday’s New York primary.

The Texas senator said in a press conference that it came as no surprise the Manhattan billionaire won his home state.

“I recognize that last night was a good night for Donald,” Cruz told reporters. “It also surprised nobody. Donald won his home state. Everyone knew Donald was going to win his home state.”

“We are on a path to” winning the GOP nomination, Cruz continued, despite his third-place finish in the Empire State.

“Donald is on a path to losing the nomination. All of his bluster, all of his bravado, is designed to hide that simple fact,” Cruz offered.

He said that his recent string of victories in contests in Utah, Wyoming, and Wisconsin, in addition to his sweeps of delegate slates in Colorado and North Dakota, prove that the slipup in New York isn’t a reflection on the senator’s momentum. He predicted that the GOP race would go to a contested convention in July.

“No one is able to reach 1,237,” he said, referring to the number of delegates a Republican candidate needs to win the nomination. “I’m not going to reach 1,237 and Donald’s not going to reach 1,237.”

Trump highlighted Cruz’s mathematical elimination from the 1,237 level on Wednesday.

“Ted Cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. Now all he can do is be a spoiler, never a nice thing to do. I will beat Hillary!” Trump tweeted.

But Cruz suggested that both candidates will be arriving at the Cleveland convention this July with “a ton of delegates.” And he insisted that he would have a huge advantage in swaying delegates to join his camp on the convention floor.

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