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WASSCE: Invigilator slaps student at Akroso SHS

An unnamed invigilator of the ongoing WASSCE at the Akim Akroso SHS in the Eastern region has allegedly slapped one of the candidates for refusing to write her index number on her answer booklet.

The female student who was abused while writing the mathematics paper has since abandoned the rest of the papers and left for home, Starr News’ Kojo Ansah who has been following developments at the school has reported.

According to reports, this is not the first time the said invigilator is subjecting a candidate to abuse during an exam.

Some worried students of the Akroso SHS

The development has created an atmosphere of fear and tension at the exams center.

Some of the students at the school told Ansah that the invigilator tend to abuse students at the least suspicion of cheating.

Additionally, they said students who owe fees are made to stay outside the exams room for an hour while the examination is ongoing, as punishment for owing fees. 

“If you owe fees, they won’t allow you to write the exams on time. They will ask you to stay outside for at least one hour, so by the time you enter the exams center, you are already late and can’t write anything meaningful.

“When I entered the exams room, I couldn’t write anything. I was scared and it appeared to me as though time was up so out of fear and uncertainty, I couldn’t do anything until the time was up,” a student who was found crying after an examination told Ansah.

When contacted about the development, the headmistress of the school Ablatha Ansah said she was not in the position to comment on the matter.

“I think you should talk to my municipal director or regional director. If they talk to us, whatever is happening in the school, they will be informed, I am sorry; you should talk to them,” she stated.


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