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Russia to partner Ghana in developing nuclear industry- An open letter against it!

Mr Paul Essel

Chernobyl nuclear disaster victim

Chernobyl nuclear disaster victim

Ghana High Commissioner Canberra, Australia
Your Excellency , I am writing to you with the hope that you will get the Ghana Government to put a brake on this. Please do whatever you can and get  our Government to put a stop to the development of nuclear energy in Ghana in the short to medium term.
Those of us who are Engineers know how dangerous this stuff is .  The Government ought to open this issue for discussion and let the Ghanaians decide on this sensitive issue.
Ghanaians and more importantly the politicians  need to understand the following:

  • What  nuclear power is about,
  • How radioactive leakages and wastes are managed .
  • Where would the radioactive  waste be stored and what the disposal system is.
  • What the impact on the people and the environment would be if a nuclear accident occurs as the potential is real.

The recent Japanese nuclear plant disaster should be fresh in our minds.  We understand how the Japanese pay particular attention to detail and the extent to which they build quality into their work.  Nevertheless they had this failure. The Fukushima nuclear disaster resulted from a series of equipment failures , nuclear meltdowns, and the eventual release of radioactive materials into the environment in March 2011.   There are still battling with the issue today; roughly 2 years after. The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident which took place in Ukraine in 1986  under the Soviets. From my recollection, It started as fire in the plant which resulted in an explosion thereby releasing large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe.

Effects of Chernobyl Nuclear disaster

Effects of Chernobyl Nuclear disaster

I do understand that Ghana needs energy for development  and one viable option is solar.   I am an Engineer and my undergraduate work was in solar energy.  I know it is safe, clean and has no known negative impact on the environment.
Ghana is blessed with so much sunshine and I believe we should explore solar energy and other energy options before contemplating a nuclear option.   We used to live in New Zealand –  cold place and very little sunshine.  However it was pleasing to note that some of our New Zealand friends had all their energy requirements at home met by simple solar panels. I am willing to advise Ghana on this solar  issue if required. I do not believe Ghana should be considering nuclear at this time when even the Germans do not want it.     The Ghana Government should explore all other options  prior to entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Russians   In summary:

  • Let us put a stop to this nuclear ambition in Ghana
  • Let us explore other energy options- solar, winds, thermal etc
  • If all options fail, let the Ghanaians deliberate on the nuclear option prior to any further discussion with Russia

Your Excellency : I am looking forward to receiving your comment on the action you have taken on this matter. Best Regards Julius Badu Melbourne Australia Telephone : + 61 405 426 488

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