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Politicians can’t fool Ghanaians any longer – Presby Moderator

The moderator of the Presbyterian church of Ghana, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey says the government must be blamed for the protracted strike by the Ghana Medical Association.

According to him, though Ghana is not broke, the current political leadership creates the impression that the nation has no money to pay workers while the politicians are paid their hefty salaries.

Speaking to XYZ News for the first time since the strike action by the doctors begun, Reverend Martey said politicians must realize that they can no longer fool Ghanaians as they used to do in the past.

Professor Martey added that it is time for all to have equal justice.

“Either we have full and equal Justice for all or we don’t. The striking Doctors know what is happening when it comes to remuneration for political leaders.

“These doctors know the situation in which they are and the situation in which they ought to be.

“No politician can fool Ghanaians any longer…Ghanaian workers are highly concientized” Professor Martey said.

Professor Martey however appealed to the Doctors to call off their strike resume work.

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