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Around Town April 17 2016.

Chicago April 17 2016:The lenses of were at the Church of the Ghanaian Community of Chicago and bring to you these pictures.

CHURCH       GCC 02-IMG_1284 03-IMG_1285 04-IMG_1286 05-IMG_1287 06-IMG_1293 07-IMG_1294 08-IMG_1295 09-IMG_1296 10-IMG_1298 11-IMG_1303 12-IMG_1311 13-IMG_1315 14-IMG_1318 15-IMG_1321 16-IMG_1325 17-IMG_1333 18-IMG_1339 19-IMG_1341 20-IMG_1344 21-IMG_1345 23-IMG_1351 24-IMG_1353 25-IMG_1354 26-IMG_1360 27-IMG_1366 28-IMG_1368 29-IMG_1371 30-IMG_1372 31-IMG_1373 32-IMG_1374 33-IMG_1377 34-IMG_1378 35-IMG_1380 36-IMG_1381 37-IMG_1384 38-IMG_1387 39-IMG_1389 40-IMG_1391 41-IMG_1392 42-IMG_1394 43-IMG_1399 44-IMG_1400 45-IMG_1402 47-IMG_1412 48-IMG_1413

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