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Mahama campaigning on tax payer’s money – Nduom

The Presidential Candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has stated that President Mahama is using his ‘Accounting to the People Tour’ to campaign on tax payer’s money.

In a Facebook post, the former CPP stalwart called on the Electoral Commission to probe the funding of political party campaigns.

Dr. Nduom also questioned how the National Democratic Congress funded its ‘Transforming Lives’ advert which is on TV, Radio and in Newspapers.

He also wondered how the President appeared in a limited registration advert.

Dr. Nduom ended his post by stating that “those who cheat to come to power also cheat when they get the power.”

Below is the full post by Dr. Nduom


Our President, John Dramani Mahama is off and about touring the ten regions, campaigning, touting his record, asking to be returned to office.

Who is funding this campaign trip? Who decided to put the President in an Electoral Commission advertisement and why did he not see anything wrong with it? Who paid for it?.

There are advertisements on radio, tv, newspapers, social media about the “Transforming Lives” agenda of the NDC. Who is paying for them? Where did the money come from? Why are ministers of state and government officials using official vehicles that belong to the state plus fuel to follow the President?

There is a difference between official duties of a President, Ministers of State and DCEs and political campaign activities that should be private and self-funded. Where is the Electoral Commission on this?

When will we have this Commission probe how political parties fund their campaigns?

Those who cheat to come to power also cheat when they get the power.

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