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VIDEO: Mahama pops up in limited registration ad

President John Mahama is making waves on social media as he springs a surprise on a group of young adults discussing the limited registration exercise to be embarked on by the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

The advert, which is part of Mahama’s campaign strategy to entice the youth, especially first time voters to register when the Electoral Management Body opens registration from April 28 to May 8, 2016, is one of the rare cases where a sitting Ghanaian president appears in an advert with the ordinary voter to discuss electoral issues.

The group of five were debating whether or not to register to vote in the impending election slated for November 7, when President Mahama suddenly burst into them encouraging them to participate in the national exercise.

“Your vote empowers you to determine who will be in charge of Ghana’s development for the next four years,” Mahama counseled the youth in the 45-second advert in his trademark black political suit.

Below is the full ad on Facebook:

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