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Terror alerts create undue panic – Police

The Police service is urging security analysts in the country to be cautious with their analysis of potential terrorist attacks on Ghana.

In the view of the Police, regularly discussing possible ways terrorists could attack the country creates undue panic and fear among the citizenry.

Ghana’s national Security Council has placed the country on high alert for terrorism following recent attacks on Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso- both neighbours of Ghana.

As a result, there is a heightened discussion on security and personal safety on local media platforms.

But speaking to Nii Arday Clegg On the Morning Starr Monday, director of Public Affairs of the Police Service, Superintendent Cephas Arthur said although such conversations are important, they affect the psyche of the citizenry.

“The thing is, such things rather create fear and panic. And very soon, our wives will not be able to go to the markets and buy food stuff to cook for us because of fear of being attacked by terrorists.

“…I therefore call on the various security experts who discuss those security issues to be cautious so we don’t put undue fear in our people.

“The Police will rather go for education on personal security instead of the terror alerts because those tend to create fear and panic,” he stated.


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