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The author: Priscilla Kuukua Akonor

Wardrobe Series: Brewing in the teapot

I just didn’t know how to reply PaaKow’s message…. I thought it over in my mind over and over again….neither could I keep still… I typed “….Paa it could have been a beautiful picture if you hadn’t walked away” …then I erased it and typed “…. Paa what do you want me to say…” then I erased it again… and typed “…Paa let sleeping dogs lie. I wish you well”…

I wanted to say more but I couldn’t …my mind was telling me one thing and my emotions another……

I tried to take my mind off the happenings of the evening by calling Nii… he realised something was eating me up but I assured him that I was fine. What was actually eating me up was guilt….guilt of not telling Nii of the meetings between Paa and I. ….and guilt of wanting to see Paa again…..

A week passed without hearing from Paa. ..I moved on with my normal life like before…..
Then two weeks later, on Friday when I closed from work, I was by the roadside waiting to pick a cab home when this sporty sorento stopped by me….I initially thought the person was picking someone up since there were other people around until I heard my name mentioned.

There he was, Paa looking as handsome as never before. “What are you waiting for, hop in,” he said.

I did and asked him what in the world he was doing in the neighbourhood because as far as I knew, he did not work nor live there.

“Oh my boss lives in the neighbourhood and I came to drop some documents since he didn’t report to office today..”

So where to, he asked, as if he didn’t know..

“I’m going home,” I replied.

“Errhmm I have two tickets for the latest hunger games, and it’s showing at the mall today, would you like to come along?”

I was silent… Paa already knew my answer… I LOVE movies….
Nii was out of town on a business trip and was not returning until two days time….
I said a feeble yes to Paa’s date.

That evening together brought back memories buried long ago … We used to go to the cinema every time a new movie was being premiered…at other times, we watched one either at my end or Paa’s residence….

Paa’s sense of humour, good company, and good movie choice always made me look forward to the next movie…
After the movie, I was in high spirits… We walked out of the cinema hand in hand, just like we used to.

Then I don’t know what came over me…..but I let go off his hands abruptly. …PaaKow was surprised and asked what was wrong…but I had nothing to say….. All I said was “please take me home”….

I didn’t say a word to him when we were going home….. I was in a pensive mood …and he realised it, so he didn’t bother to engage me in conversation.

When I got home and was about alighting, PaaKow held my hand, met my gaze and said “thanks for spending your evening with me…. I know you feel guilty that you are betraying your fiance….but don’t be….We didn’t do anything bad….It was just like hanging out with an old friend…” On that note we said our good byes and he sped off…..

I hurriedly walked to my room and landed straight on the bed…..
Lost in thoughts, my mind drifted to the breakup …
Paa was my first boyfriend. …When he broke up with me, it took me months to get over him….
I wouldn’t eat… I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I would be in my room and just cry….It felt like my world had come to an end…

We had plans….plans that we dreamt about and talked about on days that we went for walks or went to the park…..

They never materialised.

Paa just broke the news without warning…..

It was the eve of Christmas. I was very tired from the shopping I did during the day that all I wanted to do was sleep. Yet he insisted he had to see me, his tone of voice made me a bit worried. ..but if love calls, who are you to say no….

I went to his house…..he tried to be cool but knowing him so well, I knew something was amiss so I queried him. Then, he dropped the bomb shell…..

A man of God had told him few weeks ago that he is in a relationship with the wrong woman and that if he doesn’t break up with her, he will have troubles… And that was it!!! The reason why he broke up with me…..

Being Christians, I thought the best thing to do was to find out what God had to tell us too and not just swallow what had been told the man of God… but his mind was made up…
My pleas and cries didn’t help much… that was how our great relationship ended…..
So after the break up, I destroyed everything that reminded me of him… I wonder how come that card eluded my notice…

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door…. It was Efia, my little sister. She wanted to know if I was ok because I dashed into my room when I got home without saying hi…. I smiled at her and told her I was fine; my way of sacking her.

Then I reclined to bed and spent most part of the night thinking. Some doors are best left shut… Some battles not worth fighting. .. and some dreams not worth chasing…

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”

Let God be your guide and not your feelings!!

The Series continues same day next week.

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By: Priscilla Kuukua Akonor | Facebook: @Sister Sister

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