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Ace Ankomah fumes at Scottish MPs over Mahama boycott

Ace Ankomah
Respected legal practitioner Ace Ankomah has expressed anger at the boycott of President John Mahama at the Scotland Parliament by minority MPs there.

The MPs stormed out of their parliament upon arrival of the Ghanaian leader over claims that Ghana tolerates abuses on homosexuals. They argued the presence of Mr. Mahama was an affront to the gay community in their country since they respect and recognise their rights.

Commenting on the matter, the outspoken legal practitioner described the action of the Scottish MPs as crass, low and cheap.

Below are the comments of Ace Ankomah

I am going to try to remain restrained in my language.

I feel offended at what some Scottish MPs did or sought to do yesterday. Some TV footage is making rounds on social media. That behavior was cheap, low, crass and not right. The President did not pass the laws on homosexuality. He has no power to repeal them. That power is for parliament.

And for the information of these dummies, those laws were first written in official statues here by the UK, the country to which they, the Scots, technically and happily remain a colony (and they just gleefully voted to remain so).

And, does whoever arranged that part of the trip still have a job this morning?


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