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“Embarrassing” brochure errors unfortunate – Mahama

President John Mahama
President John Mahama has described as unfortunate the embarrassing errors which were identified in the 59th Independence Day anniversary brochure.

According to the President, the errors were avoidable and should not have happened.

The error-prone brochure, authored by the Information Services Department (ISD), referred to Kenya leader Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of Ghana, while describing the 59-year-old country as a “low income country” among other misrepresentations.

The acting director of the ISD Francis Kwarteng Arthur who claimed responsibility for the embarrassing slips has been relieved from his post by the Chief of Staff.

The gross misrepresentations in the brochure meant for the national Independence Day anniversary parade were met with mixed reactions with majority of Ghanaians calling for heads to roll.

Speaking to TV3 Monday, the President said even though the matter has become a major issue in Ghana, the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has not made a big deal of it.

“We actually went through the brochure, he (Uhuru Kenyatta) didn’t show that he had noticed those mistakes, those mistakes are unfortunate and they were avoidable, it shouldn’t have happened” he stated.

On the dismissal of the ISD boss, Mr. Mahama said: “The chief of staff is dealing with that and so I would want to allow him handle such matters because they are administrative issues. The ISD boss himself said he saw the mistakes two hours to the event and you would expect some discretion to have been exercised in instances like that but like I said, the chief of staff is dealing with those matters. He has received reports on what happened…we must make sure that in future when we have such impressive ceremonies , going forward, we must cover every hole so we don’t suffer such an embarrassment again”.


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