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Ghana@59: ISD staff fume over error-ridden brochure apology

Workers of the Information Services Department (ISD) are demonstrating at their head office in Accra over the statement issued by their acting director accepting responsibility for the error-ridden 59th Independence Day anniversary brochure.

The acting director of the ISD Francis Kwarteng Arthur in a statement said his outfit accepts “responsibility and wishes to unreservedly apologise for the development.”

The Event Brochure, which outlined the programme of the 59th Independence Day Parade at the Black Starr Square as well as gave some historical facts about Ghana, named Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta as the ‘President of the Republic of Ghana’.

“Ghana is now recognized as having attained low-income status in the world,” part of the Event Brochure erroneously stated. The Brochure also went ahead to state that “Ghana is strategically positioned on the equator making her the centre of the of the globe. And like the sun, she radiates light to all parts of the world!”

Further, the Brochure, which has gone viral on social media due to its errors, omitted the letter ‘s’ in ‘Arms’ in the part which sought to explain what ‘The Coat of Arms’ stood for.

Some of the workers who spoke to Starr News Wilberforce Asare who is attending a press conference to be addressed later by the angry workers said they were not involved in the authoring and printing of the brochure.

“There is this news all over that we printed the brochure, the ISD was not involved, we don’t know anything about it, no official of the ISD was involved. “

“The apology is misplaced, if we did not print it why must we apologise for it , we don’t know who printed it, in fact we are blind about it,” an angry worker told Asare.


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