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Ghana must resolve Fulani crisis – Nigerian High C’sner

The Nigerian High Commission in Ghana has stated its willingness to intervene in the ongoing feud between Ghanaians and Fulani herdsmen as seven Fulanis from Nigeria are reported dead.

The fulanis were killed in the ongoing feud in parts of the country.

The dispute has become a national security issue as government officials struggle to deal with the matter.

Lives have been lost on both sides since the conflict started many years ago.

The eruption of the conflict over the past months have now left some herdsmen from Nigeria dead.

The country’s High Commission in Ghana has now announced plans to intervene in the matter.

Its acting High Commissioner to Ghana, Adekunbi Sonaike Ayodeji addressing a press conference in Accra stated that the feud must be resolved amicably so it does not get out of control.

“It must be resolved because this is not the first time that Fulani herdsmen and the land owners have had conflicts…we need to have a means of resolving things because peaceful co-existence is the key word in any relationship”.

Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline.com/103.5FM

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