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Solutions to the Fulani saga in Ghana.
Posted by admin on 3rd March 2016

By Columnist: Ayisi, Gabriel Asare

The Fulani saga in Ghana is a serious security situation and must be addressed with the concern it deserves. 

First to be ascertained is whether these Fulanis are in the country legally. If they are not in the country legally, then they must be rounded up and deported and the cattle confiscated by the State.

Secondly, on the other hand, if they are in the country legally, they have no right to graze on other peoples’ farmlands and destroy their farm crops which is the livelihood of the farmers. They must be required by law to acquire lands of their own, develop them into ranches to keep their animals on these ranches and not allowed to roam freely, destroying the economic properties/mainstay of Ghanaian citizens. The farmers have every right to sue them in the courts of law for damages done to their properties.

Thirdly, it must be made clear to the Fulanis that it is illegal to roam around publicly with guns and other offensive weapons. They must be arrested and prosecuted if they commit crimes like assault, robbery, rape, killings, and other crimes. They cannot hide behind the protection of the alleged high ranking State Officials to break the laws of the country from immigration offences to rapes, and murder. 

Fourthly, their activities must be monitored and controlled. Nomad life cannot be allowed to continue in this modern era, as they are bound to trespass on peoples’ properties and infringe upon the rights and privileges of law abiding Ghanaian citizens with impunity. How on earth do we allow cattle to roam our cities, including Accra?

Finally, the allegation that high State Ranking Officials are involved must be investigated, and if any State Official is implicated in shielding these nomads from the crimes they commit against society, they must be cited and prosecuted. Ghana is a country of laws and must so be respected. 

Gabriel Asare Ayisi