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Nurses, midwives resume indefinite strike today
Posted by admin on 29th February 2016

Members of the Coalition of Unpaid Nurses and Midwives have accused government of “deception” in promising to settle their arrears, resulting in a suspension of their indefinite strike last year.

According to them, there is a deliberate attempt on the part of government especially some officials at the Ministry of Health to prevent most of them from being settled.

“Members of the COALITION who have been paid are ‘not more than thirty percent’ and ‘most of the thirty percent were not paid fully’,” they said in a press release on Tuesday, February 2.

They have, therefore, declared a resumption of their strike from Wednesday, February 3 “till every single dime is paid to our bank accounts”.

Below is the release:



Members of the Press

Good people of Ghana

The COALITION OF UNPAID NURSES AND MIDWIVES GROUP for the past one to three years, has undergone a steamroller hardship following a series of failed attempts on its part to use the humble approach to retrieve from its employer, salaries and arrears, most of which has remained UNPAID till date.

The COALITION, couple of months ago, suspended its nationwide strike, in relation to the UNPAID SALARIES AND ARREARS following a humble response to the relevant stakeholders, its mother association, the GRNMA (Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association) and the good people of Ghana on 8th October, 2015.

The COALITION amidst several struggles for Survival, marginal borderline nutrition due to limited basic needs and feeble purchasing power following what is now perceived as government’s deliberate adamance in salaries and arrears settlement, notwithstanding the series of round table discussions, promises and reassurances, the coalition stood firm in loyalty and worked its fingers to the bone in rendering quality nursing care without reservation to mother Ghana.

Members of the COALITION who have been paid are “not more than thirty percent” and “most of the thirty percent were not paid fully”.

The discrepancy the COALITION has gathered so far is beyond understanding.

To our interest, the answer to why the few 30 percent were “not paid fully” despite release of funds and clearance by finance ministry is left unaswered. This cannot be related to “human error” but a deliberate deception.

Currently, the survey the coalition conducted through “mailing” indicates that out of the 7,000 and over affected nurses and midwives;

1) 5%- unpaid salaries (for 12 to 24 months)

2) 30% – paid arrears;

Out of the 30%,

5% – paid fully

25%- short paid

3) 65%- unpaid salary arrears (ranging from 4months to 18months)

The coalition derived the following categories from our survey :

1. Unpaid Salaries ; this is as a results of government failure to release financial clearance and human resources delay in submission of documents for which reason(s) best known to them.

2. Unpaid Arrears ; most affected nurses and midwives are cleared, yet not paid their salary arrears. This has nothing to do with HRs but finance. Others are due to missing documents by our authorities.

Few are due to error in entries.

3. Short Paid; how can financial clearance be released to pay salary arrears and surprisingly the monies were not paid fully?

Where are the remaining arrears?

We strongly believe the monies are locked somewhere, known to our officials.

As for “promotional arrears” issue, the least said the better.

The government has decided to cheat on nurses and midwives and treat us unfairly.

How possible can you promote a nurse or midwife and decide not to effect payment on the date of promotion?


The coalition has also recorded so many reports of “missing documents” at Ministry Of Health”. We put it on record that no nurse or midwife should suffer because of authority’s failure to ensure proper records keeping.

We are convinced enough that the government has not addressed our salaries and arrears issues with the necessary attention.

In the light of the above stated predicaments, the COALITION with due respect, left with no better alternative, in no uncertain terms, declare “resumption” of its indefinite strike on “WEDNESDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2016” till every single dime is paid to our bank accounts.

We hereby challenge the relevant stakeholders,especially members of the press, every rational, patriotic and democratic citizen and believer of rule of law in Ghana to reconsider their stance as to whether our motto, “Freedom and Justice” is not literally being consigned to OBLIVION, the INEVITABLE fate of every dying nation as our leaders who we are supposed to emulate, dynamically upset the synergistic balances that justifies our age known motto, the driving force that kept our forefathers to task even when it meant giving up their precious life to saving our nation till date, with series of deception.

We therefore notify the Good people of Ghana through the media/press of our “resumption of indefinite strike” on WEDNESDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2016 till our salaries and arrears are paid to us fully.

We thank members of the press for your unprecedented excellence in communication.




All Regional Coordinators