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Anita De Sossou must apologize to Ghanaian women in diaspora – ACGIE

Our attention has been drawn to the rather disparaging remarks made by the National Women Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Ms. Anita De Sossou on Monday (19 April 2013) edition of ‘Edwa So Nsem’ program aired on Adom FM. In the said broadcast, Ms. De Sossou described Ghanaian women in diaspora as “unemployed desperados” who had nothing to do but to “breed like grass cutters”. Such reckless and irresponsible pronouncements coming from a national executive member of a major political party is not only shameless but reprehensible and should be condemned in the strongest terms by all Ghanaians irrespective of political affiliation.


What we find most distasteful is the fact that the individual making these despicable statements is herself a woman whose duties among others is to organize and mobilize women in support of her party. Indeed her failure to demonstrate any decorum and sense of civility towards her fellow women is a disgrace to womanhood and an embarrassment to the NDC of which she is a leading figure. We wish to point out that Ghanaian women in the diaspora are decent and responsible people who are contributing in diverse ways to our national development efforts. Our women folk in the diaspora have been supporting and continue to support their families with remittances, created job opportunities for millions of Ghanaians back home and have provided Ghana with the much needed foreign currency. Clearly, the efforts and contribution of the Ghanaian Woman in the diaspora to Ghana’s socio-economic advancement must be recognized and appreciated instead of being denigrated and treated with contempt by charlatans and parasites such as Ms. Anita De Sossou.


In her desperate attempt to denigrate and disparage our women in the diaspora, the ill-informed NDC Women Organizer has only succeeded in exposing her ignorance and how uncultured she is to the entire wide-world. Indeed her misguided and unprovoked attack on our women is a reflection of the hatred the NDC as a party harbors against Ghanaians living abroad. We want to assure Ms. Anita De Sossou and others who think like her that no amount of vilification can deter us from exercising our right to demonstrate.


We will continue to demonstrate and register our apprehension and dissatisfaction with the unprecedented level of government corruption, ineptitude, misuse of our country’s resources and the looting of the state treasury that have characterized the NDC government under John Dramani Mahama. It should be said that the demonstrations in Washington DC and London are just the beginning and will continue in Cologne- Germany on Saturday 27 April 2013. ACGIE views Anita De Sossou’s remarks as intolerable and un-Ghanaian as it goes against the high esteem in which we as a people hold our women and the reverence accorded them in our socio-cultural setting. Against this backdrop, ACGIE is demanding an unqualified apology from Ms. Anita De Sossou, National Women Organizer of the NDC.


Finally we call on the NDC to bring their unruly and badly behaved Women Organizer to order by giving her some lessons on simple etiquette and civility. Failure to do so would reinforce the widely-held perception that the only qualification one requires to be appointed or elected to any position of responsibility in the NDC is the ability to trade the worst insults. GOOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND GHANA Signed Kwaku Anane-Gyinde Secretary ACGIE

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