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Tafo clashes: Ashantis can’t be taken for granted again – Chief

The Ashanti traditional council has threatened to act if justice does not prevail in the clashes that ensued between some Muslim youth and traditional authorities in Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi.

A cemetery-land dispute between the two factions resulted in the death of one and the destruction of several properties in the cosmopolitan vicinity.

A curfew was imposed with several security men dispatched to the area before calm was restored.

Addressing a gathering of chiefs and officials of the Ashanti regional Security Council at the Manhyia palace Thursday, the Otumfuo Ankobeahene said Ashantis are fed up with the disrespect.

Voice of Ankobeahene

“We will not allow ourselves to be taken for granted again. If this matter is not investigated thoroughly, Ashanti chiefs will do what we have to do. Because it is time we showed that we are men too. We are tired, we have kept quiet over many of the issues but this Tafo issue we must deal with it conclusively,” he fumed.

He continued: “We must handle matters in such a way that nobody can take the laws into their hands in the future. Whatever the Security Council is discussing in relation to this matter, Otumfuo must be involved”.


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