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If NPP can concede making honest mistakes, why can’t the EC do same ? – Mornah
Posted by admin on 20th April 2013

The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention, Bernard Mornah has told XYZ News, that he is marveled by attempts by the petitioners in the ongoing election fraud case to take away some polling stations where they had earlier alleged irregularities occurred.

Mr. Mornah also said he is surprised the petitioners during Thursday’s cross examination admitted manually duplicating pink sheets as far as categorizing them into classified areas of alleged electoral malfeasance is concerned.

Bernard Mornah said if the petitioners can concede making mistakes, he wonders why they insist the EC couldn’t have made mistakes in the conduct of the December polls.

“What is happening in court is exciting, it is exciting in two ways…we have seen the petitioners putting their case before the 2nd respondent and we have seen an attempt to cross examine him and we have seen revelations.

“Even the petitioners before they could be cross examined deleted some of the polling stations that they said had irregularities so if you the petitioner is accusing the electoral commission of having made mistakes…then why then are you making mistakes”.

Meanwhile, Pollster Ben Ephson insists in an interview with XYZ News that the Supreme Court could give a ruling by the end of May.

He noted that his own investigations show that the trial won’t last that long as some people suspect it will.

With the adjournment of the sitting to next Monday, Ben Ephson says he still hopes the process will end soon.