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Public Announcement by athe Ghana Police


The police gave us the following tips in the event the robbers manage to enter on to our premises or inside our houses. I hope they’re useful to you and can help save a life.

1. Robbers typically launch their attacks from the backdoor (normally kitchen doors) because they are usually not fortified. Get good doors for your kitchen. Use crossbars at the back or “burglarproof” behind the doors inside the house. If you have keys to the burglarproof, never leave them inside the lock. Where possible, use a padlock in addition to the keys. The purpose is to make it as difficult as possible for the robbers to enter into the house and to buy you time to call somebody for help.

2. When you hear someone breaking your doors, unless you are absolutely sure your actions will prevent entry into the house, don’t try to be a hero by pushing back behind the doors (they may shoot at you through the doors), or putting heavy items like freezers or furniture behind it (they get more angry and when they are able to finally enter they are more likely to be violent).

3. If you sleep without clothes or with minimal clothing, dress up as soon as you hear them. For the women especially, don’t stay in your nighties or wrappers, wear trousers and an ugly top.

4. If you call someone on the phone for help, keep the phone far from you as you don’t want it to be known that you’ve done so.

5. Look for your main power switch and plunge the building into darkness (it disorients them and may cause them to run away).

6. If you have a gun, registered or not, use it but only if you’re sure you will do damage. This isn’t the time for warning shots! Killing an intruder on your premises in defence of yourself and property is a legitimate legal defence. Same goes for the use of any other weapon e.g. knives.

7. When the robbers manage to enter give them whatever they want. Don’t hide anything. Don’t try to be a hero or to negotiate with them.

8. Don’t look at them directly (or don’t let them see you doing so). If you know any of them don’t show any signs of recognition and don’t mention the person’s name. However memorise whatever features you can to help with identification and investigation.

9. When they finally leave your house do not chase after them..

10. Be your neighbour’s keeper and if you hear any break-ins at their house, call the police for assistance.

11. When robbers enter your compound, do not put on any light in your room.Put on the outside lights but keep the i side lights totally off so that the robbers do not see you.

Helplines for the police information room:
030 278 7373
030 277 3906
030 274 3999


You might need this
Ghana Police Service (Greater Accra) Information Room 030 320 2936
Deputy Comm. (Accra Reg) 0302-662441
Crime Office (Accra Reg) 0302-663563
S/Force Commander (Ar. Reg) 0302-664861
M.T.U. (Accra Commander) 0302-662386
M.T.U. Charge Office (Ar) 0302-664206
Central Charge Office (Accra) 0302-663625
Central Dist. Office (Accra) 0302-662517
Central C.I.D. Office (Accra) 0302-666506
Police Headquarter 0302-773900
Interpol Unit Comm. Office 0302-777606
Commanding Officer Depot 0302-223084
Police Depot 0302-228744
Police Hospital 0302-773900
D.S.P. Anti Armed Robbery 0302-234463
Adabraka Police Station 0302-221368
C.I.D. Headquarters 0302-664611/665561
Police Striking Force 0302-664344
Ussher Fort Police Station 0302-6633550
Kaneshie Police Station 0302-227645/224840
Korle-Bu Police Station 0302-664249
Korle-Bu Dist Police Office 0302-663970
Chorkor Police Station 0302-667883
Cantonment Police Station 0302-776571
Airport Police Station 0302-777592
Legon Police Station 0302-500975
Ministry Police Station 0302-662438
Madina Police Station 0302-500322
Kpeshie Nungua Police Station 0302-712060
Kpeshie Divisional Commander 0302-712492
Achimota Mile 7 Police Station 0302-400999/401999
Achimota School Police Station 0302-400505
Kotobabi Dist Office 0302-224879
Tesano Police Station 0302-235144
Nima Police Station 0302-221293/221763
Nima District Commander 0302-26637
Nima Divisional Commander 0302-227976
Asylum down Police Station 0302-222264
Weija Police Station 0302-301319
Atomic Police Station 0302-402999
Dansoman Police Station 0302-303638
Darkuman Police Station 0302-221131
Mamprobi Police Station 0302-316646
James Town Police Station 0302-662416
Osu Police Station 0302-776150
La Police Station 0302-775525
Odorkor Police Station 0302-303067
Anyaa Police Station 0302-9911929
Neoplan Station 0302-256989

Tema Police Stations
Community 7 Barrier 0303-303881
Information Room 0303-202936
Regional Commander 0303-202259
Crime Office 0303-202939
Sakumono Police Station 0303-401193
Community 1 Police Station 0303-202835
Community 2 Police Station 0303-202510
Community 4 Police Station 0303-204801
Community 8 Police Station 0303-306714
Community 18 Police Station 0303-811600
Fishing Harbor Police Station 0303-205502
Prampram Police Station 0303-208843/5
Big Ada Police Station 03035-22378
Ada Foa Police Station 03035-22218/22300
Kpone Police Station 0303-208722
Ashaiman Police Station 0303-306872

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