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Amazing story of a young lady farmer!

Cueled from Kin Tino’s Facebook Wall

As pretty and shapely as this young woman is, she decided to take to farming to better her life. She did not take to Instagram, Facebook, etc to twerk her big hips for fame and money , she did not hang at the biggest club, hotels and beach side to look for men with money , and tag herself a ‘ SOCIALITE ‘ rather she invested her time and forgot her ‘ ukwu’ to farm .

Today, 25 year old Nakku Justine own a multimillion 6 acres of land , cultivating carrots, cabbage,cereal,and a Poultry including a barn.

You will see how men will be falling over themselves to marry her because she has made it ! Yes she has money through hard labor not through the softness of her thigh and not through selling her body to strangers ! She is a woman of substance for our young ladies to emulate !

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