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Ghanaian footballers are ungrateful – Otabil


Pastor Mensah Otabil, General Overseer of the I.C.G.C has accused Ghanaian football players of being ungrateful to people who offer them spiritual support in their career.

Most Ghanaian players are much noted for seeking spiritual powers from where ever they deem fit to help their career reach its peak.

Recently a spiritual Mallam alleged that Black Stars defender Rashid Somalia contacted him to help him gain a place in the final Ghana squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

He claimed the only way he could help Rashid Sumaila get shortlisted for the world cup was to injure Jerry Akaminko which gave Rashid Sumaila automatic place in the final squad.

But after almost two years now, Rashid Sumaila has not paid him for the work he did in 2014.

And Pastor Mensah Otabil speaking on football players and their thirst for spiritual support said: “Every footballer has got what he believes in and trust will help them succeed. I can count about 50-60 players who come to me for prayers in their quest for footballing success. All the players who have visited have excelled in life and with the various national team levels simply because I teach them right.”

He added that most Ghanaian footballers are ungrateful because they ignore people who offer them spiritual assistance, and this in end cause their career to crumble.

“Most Ghanaian footballers are ungrateful as they prosper in life they ignore and neglect the spiritual assistance they were initially seeking and this act hurts and causes most of the spiritual heads to retaliate and this results in most players career ending abruptly.”

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