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PODCAST: Campus Secrets – Prostitution II

Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah Circle mirrors the life of most ‘ordinary’ Ghanaians; from the popular Odo Rice Restaurant to Vienna City: corporate workers, traders, hawkers, vendors and prostitutes, all in sight.

The mastery of thuggery and thievery is exhibited at its best, aptly and timely.

At least this is what a road-side vendor in his 20s, who sells phone accessories and laptops ‘applauded’ when he lamented the artistry with which his two laptops was stolen while he slept in front of his mini-shop.
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But this is not where we would meet Adobi.

I must chip-in that I am afraid even the fly-over under construction when completed would do little to “lift” the face of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in the deeper sense.

Don’t be surprised; muggers (kwashee guys), thieves (pick-pockets and phone snatchers) operate with impunity even at the glare sight of the police. Daily. But, but, but!!!

This does not reflect the general life of Ghanaians. Far from the cynic’s scaremongering.

Monday evening. The time is 7:20pm.

The Executive Producer of Starr FM (103.5) Kati G and I would begin the arduous task of trolling the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. Once again. Our mission is to find out our next social night worker whose life story best says [everyone has got cobwebs in their closet].

After waiting for an hour for Blessing, Kati and I would later wait for two more hours ‘just’ to collect the contact of Peace, another prostitute. Taking advantage of technology wasn’t an option. We had to wait.

On Tuesday evening Kati and I left Peace’ residence with faces that appeared as though they’ve been dipped in vinegar and quite upset.

After waiting for peace for nearly two hours, she showed up only to reschedule another meeting. “Not today”, she said after many attempts to persuade her.

The early bird catches the early worm: that is what they say but this was not our case. We had to embrace the sad reality that we would go home without a story. Even after hours trolling popular prostitution hot beds in Accra.

We will try tomorrow [Thursday], we tickled less hopeful now.

1:34am, Thursday dawn at Havana, Accra. The atmosphere was laced with the smell of marijuana. Dogs bugged amidst creeping footsteps. My heartbeat doubled and my lips near-sealed at the sight of men who at first glance looked like thugs. Real thugs!!

The 23-year-old Nigerian nursing student received Kati G and I in her make-shift kiosk within the slums of Havana, uncharted by most people. It is here that Adobi would tell her sorry [not her real name; she insisted on remaining anonymous].

Sad, sobbing! “I’m afraid living this lifestyle. Even last week I witnessed something. I was sleeping in my room and somebody just opened the door from outside and came inside and started telling me to shut up; wanted to steal but when I shout, he then run away. So since then am not feeling comfortable,” Adobi lamented.

But why do these girls risk it all for close to nothing. She charged her clients between 20 Ghana cedis for short distance and 50 cedis for sleep over.

Listen to the audio:iframe width=”100%” height=”150″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=””>

Source: Ghana/ Crabbe

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