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How to remove pimples at home with remedies

Pimples are a very common skin issue that affects people of different ages.

Excessive oil secretion from the oil glands present in the skin is certainly one of the primary reasons of pimples. When the skin pores are clogged due to dead skin cells or dirt this secreted oil is accumulated under the skin and the painful pimple emerges due to bacterial infection on these oil glands.

There are some characteristic differences between acne and pimples. While pimples are considered as of lesser frequency; acne is referred as a chronic skin condition and can be of different types. Hormones and other physical reasons can be a cause of pimples, rarely, but most of the times, they are caused due to not cleaning the skin properly and also due to use of skin care and makeup products that does not suit the skin type. It has also been found that in case of acne, heredity might play an indirect role.

Some people have an idea that pimples occur over the face only; but, it is not always right. Pimples can affect any area of the skin like shoulders, back, hands as well as legs. Pimples may not be a serious disease but can portray a negative impression about the person, hampering his/her self-esteem and image.

Environmental pollution, exposure to sun, use of cosmetics, excessive stress, junk foods and inadequate water intake are some of the common reasons that directly or indirectly triggers break outs of pimples.However, do not panic!!!We have some good kitchen secrets and tips that can help you immensely to cure pimples without making a hole in your pocket. Here we go.

Natural home remedies to get rid of pimples

Products that are readily available in your kitchen can work amazingly and are more promising than the pre-packed store bought masks for fighting pimples.
Aloe Vera gel to stop pimples

Aloe Vera gel can work magically on pimples. It is a skin soothing and purifying agent that can be effective to treat pimples quickly. Prepare some fresh Aloe Vera pulp from an Aloe Vera leaf and apply it directly onto the pimples and leave on. Do not wash until it dries up completely.
Baking soda

How to use baking soda to reduce pimples? Baking soda is packed with anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and it can control pimples effectively. Mix 1 tsp of baking soda with few drops of water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste directly onto the pimples. Wash off with normal water after 5 minutes.

How to use toothpaste to remove pimples

Toothpaste can also be effective home remedy to get rid of pimples. Apply a small drop of toothpaste onto the pimple before going to the bed and wash it off with cold water in the morning. Observe the results. This is the best method to get rid of pimples instantly. Do no use gel tooth paste; use any white tooth paste.
Tea tree oil to treat pimples

Tea tree oil is a strong antibacterial agent, it can fight pimples efficiently. Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 4-5 drops of carrier oil (primrose oil is a good option for pimples) and apply the mixture directly onto the pimples. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove the oil with a damp cotton ball.
Get rid of pimples with garlic paste

Wondering how to get rid of pimples quickly? Try out garlic. Garlic is packed with natural antioxidants and is an effective anti-bacterial agent. Using garlic to reduce pimples can be very effective. Take a few slices of garlic and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the pimple and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water.
Home remedy with Fenugreek seeds

A powder of fenugreek seeds can also be used for curing pimples effectively. Mix fenugreek powder with sufficient water to make a paste and apply the paste onto the pimples. This is the best way to get rid of pimples and pimple marks.

Sandalwood to treat acne & pimple

Sandalwood can help you immensely to get rid of pimples. Use a sandalwood stick for making the paste. Use rose water instead of water while rubbing the stick on the sand stone to make a runny paste. Apply this paste onto the pimples before hitting the bed. In the morning wash it off with cold water.
Quick remedy for pimples with mint

Mint leaves have anti-bacterial properties and they give an effective cooling effect on the skin which can be very helpful to reduce the inflammation caused due to pimples. Take some fresh mint leaves, wash them clean with normal water and make a fine paste. Apply this paste onto the pimples and leave on. Wash off after 20 -30 minutes.
Get rid of pimples fast with neem & basil leaves

Both neem and basil leaves have excellent antibacterial and skin soothing properties. Make a paste of neem and basil leaves and apply it directly onto the pimples. You can also prepare a neem and basil rinse by boiling 10-15 neem and 8-10 basil leaves in water for 15 minutes and then extracting the concoction. Use this concoction to wash your face as many times as you can during a day; and you will get pimple free completely clear skin.
Heal pimples with honey & turmeric

Both honey and turmeric has anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties. A paste made from these two ingredients can be effective to treat pimples. Make a smooth paste of fresh turmeric root and add 5-6 drops of honey to it. Mix well and apply this paste onto the pimples. Let it set for 30 minutes or more and then wash off with plain water.

Papaya pack to reduce pimple marks

Here is one best natural home remedy for both pimples and pimple marks. Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and enzymes, which are believed to work on the bacteria causing the pimple. So, using a freshly prepared paste of papaya onto the pimple can be an effective way to reduce the pimple over time. Papaya can also be effective to reduce the pimple marks.

Cucumber is soothing for the skin and being packed with enzymes it can be effective to kill the bacteria infecting the clogged pores. Make a fine paste of cucumber and apply it onto your skin. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off with plain water.
Reduce pimples with steaming

Another effective home treatment to remove pimples is steaming. If you have pimples, steam your face so that the pores open up and enable the skin to breathe. The bacteria, dirt and oils trapped in the skin pores can be removed by lightly scrubbing your face after steaming. Consider it to be the best way to reduce pimples.

Tips for preventing pimple break outs

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and in fact you can prevent pimples easily, because they are not usually caused due to hormonal reasons. All you need to do is to take a bit extra care for your skin.
Take up a regular skin care regime

Resort to a 2 times daily cleansing-toning-moisturizing regime. For cleansing, use some mild cleanser or simply some homemade cleanser. For toning you can use the neem-basil rinse as mentioned above or only rose water. For moisturizing, use any herbal product that absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving any residue or stickiness.Exfoliate your skin properly with a homemade scrub like coffee-honey scrub at least twice a week to ensure that there is no dead cell build up on the skin that can clog the pores.

Stay away from chemicals

Today, whatever products you buy from stores including cleansing lotions, face wash, moisturizers, night creams, sunscreens, make up items, almost every product you use on a daily basis has chemicals in it which may pose many skin related issues in the long run. Try to avoid using many chemical products by replacing face washes, toners and cleansers with homemade products. If you are getting frequent pimple break outs, it might be due to the makeup products you use. Opt for high quality mineral based makeup products or light makeup to ensure that the chemicals of these makeups are not working as the cause of the break outs.
Do not touch face with dirty hands

Most of the times it is our own hands, riding on which the bacteria reaches our face and causes the pimples. So, don’t touch your face with uncleaned hands. It can cause the infection at the first place and can even exaggerate the condition.

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