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Honour taxi driver who hit Koala armed robbers – Rawlings

Former president Flt Lt. JJ Rawlings has saluted the cabby who hit two armed robbers who attacked and robbed a staff of the popular Koala Supermarket at Osu on Saturday.

The robbers shot the sales girl on her way to deposit the previous day’s sales at the bank. While bolting, the driver rammed into the motorbike of the thieves, forcing them into a nearby drain.

An armed soldier who chanced on the scene intervened to effect the arrest of the duo, who were still shooting in their injured state.

Rawlings has applauded the action of the driver and the service man and has called on the authorities to honour them.
“The boldness exhibited by the taxi driver was truly heroic and patriotic,” the former military leaders said in a statement.

“At the risk of his own life he confronted these armed men, damaged his taxi in the process and ensured they did not escape the law. We should all applaud his courage. The two men deserve national recognition for their bravery.”
The victim is receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

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