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‘Avedzi’s fuel comment epitomises NDC’s arrogance’


A private legal practitioner, Vicky Bright, has said the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ketu North, James Klutse Avedzi, who told Ghanaians to park their cars if they could not afford high fuel prices, would have been asked to resign had he made those comments as a public officeholder in the UK.

Mr Afedzi, who is also the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament, said Tuesday that if car owners could not afford to buy fuel, due to the introduction of new taxes on petroleum products, nothing stops them from joining public transport to work if they so desired.

In a response, Vicky Bright asked on the Executive Breakfast Show on Class 91.3fm Wednesday January 6, 2015: “For God’s sake, is he for real? Are we serious in this country that a senior member of our government is telling us basically we don’t care?”

Mr Afedzi, comparing Ghana to the UK, also said not everyone has a car in the UK. “Many use public transport.”

But Vicky Bright, in a rebuttal, said in the UK there is a whole category of people, who travel for free on public transport.

In her words, “Let’s compare apples with apples”.

She further said: “In fact, stretching his (Mr Afedzi’s) analogy, if we were in the UK, he would be made to resign by his party immediately, and by his constituents, too.”

According to her, such comments epitomise the arrogance of the governing NDC. “Either they are arrogant and it’s the dead goat syndrome or they don’t care about all of us,” she added.

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