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“Corruption Is The Cause Of Economic Crisis In Ghana” -NPP Activist

Source: NPP-Germany

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party in Germany, Mr Kwaku Anane-Gyinde has attributed the current economic crisis in Ghana to embedded corruption and incompetence of the Mahama-led government.
Speaking at the End of Year Get-Together organised by the Asanteman Royals Union in Düsseldorf over the week end, Mr Anane-Gyinde pointed out that the seven- year rule of the NDC government has been characterised by unprecedented levels of corruption, blatant abuse of power, irresponsible and often reckless misuse of public funds at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian.
He noted that corruption not only impacts negatively on the entire economy but it also diverts resources needed for national development into the private pockets of party cronies and government officials which in effect deprives the ordinary Ghanaian of critical social services such as health, sanitation and education.
According to him governance under the NDC regime has been reduced to an avenue to create, loot and share while government has become a fertile ground for open theft as evidenced by the Kar Power saga, the Ameri scandal and the recent bus branding scam all of which happened within a period of one month. He said it comes as no surprise that Ghana has been tagged the second most corrupt country in Africa by the Afro barometer report.
Mr Anane-Gyinde argued that the NDC government has for past seven years failed to demonstrate any commitment to fighting corruption in Ghana but seem more interested setting up committees whose findings are never implemented, shelving and in fact rewarding wrong doing, malfeasance and criminality “the Mahama led government has become an epitome of corruption and a den of robbers” he added
He criticised the NDC government for failing to stabilise the cedi, reduce inflation and put in place policy initiatives to address the high incidence of youth unemployment in the country pointing out that even nurses and trained teachers who have completed their professional training two years back have not been posted while those who have been posted three years ago are yet to be paid their salaries
Mr Anane-Gyinde insisted that the NDC government has been a complete disaster for the Ghanaian youth and said the failure to provide any hope has created an army of disaffected and disenchanted youth who feel marginalised and neglected by government saying “it is this sense of alienation that constitutes the greatest threat to the peace and stability of Ghana”
He stressed that the NDC government under President John Dramani Mahama has demonstrated that not only does it lack the competence to manage the economy for the benefit of all Ghanaians but it is a government that has lost focus and has no sense of purpose or direction and said Ghana urgently needs a change in 2016.
The NPP Activist assured Ghanaians that an Akufo Addo- led government will fight corruption at all levels, instil fiscal discipline in the management of the economy, create an enabling environment for the private sector to grow and thrive and restore Ghana’s international image that has been on the decline under the failed Mahama Administration
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