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VIDEO: Mallam market women attack ATV News Crew

Every christmas eve most media houses go to market places in thecapital to report on current situation in the market, most especially to know about item prices and how economic activities is affecting business in the market.

The ATV crew had a different situation as Mallam market women engaged them in a hot argument and also stopping them from touring and reporting on activities at the market place.

Reporting on EDWASO TE SEN a segment on ATV’s morning show, the crew was humiliated for reporting on the state of the market.

One of the morning show host Nana Yaw Fianko and his cameraman Selikem Laud Dei Sekyi together with the driver Kojo Antwi were insulted and attacked by some market women in Mallam market for reporting on how most women in the market sell under small, small umbrellas and also the current situation at the place.

The women led by the queen in this market attacked the crew and tried to prevent them from touring the market.

Source: ATV NEWS

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