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Crystal Concept Company furious about quotes released by Government officials
Posted by admin on 18th December 2015

The company which branded the 116 public buses with pictures of President Mahama and other former heads of states has expressed shock as the “outrageous” figures being quoted by vcgovernment.

According to Kwaku Mensah Abeiku, Manager of Crystal concept, his company charged GHȼ11,600 as cost for the rebranding of all the 116 buses.

According to a document sent to Parliament detailing some government expenditure, it cost GH₵31,000 to brand each of the 116 buses.

And that included a budget which stated that the company that placed stickers on the buses charged GHc2000 as labour cost for a bus.

Many especially the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) have accused government of milking the state coffers ahead of the 2016 elections.

But government has justified spending GH₵3.6million on re-branding 116 public buses with pictures of the president, explaining that artistic work is generally expensive.

However, Kwaku Mensah Abeiku in an interview with Adom News expressed shock at the inflation of the price for re-branding.

He explained that they charged only GHȼ100 cedi for the labour cost for stickers on each bus and not GHȼ2,000 as indicated on the Pro-Forma invoice by Smarttys Management and Production.

“I was shocked when I heard the price so I feel we have been cheated. The prices on the Pro-Forma invoice are outrageous,” he fumed.

The Crystal concept Manager said he is currently under pressure with countless demands from family and friends because “they think I have got a lot of money from the deal”.

A livid Mensah Abeiku said he feels cheated in the whole exposé thus if pushed he will open the Pandoras box