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Couple offered $10,000 for wedding; to pay back money in case of divorce!


The luxurious silk and tulle gown, sumptuous dinners for dozens of people and the eye-watering florist’s bill makes a wedding an expensive affair.
So, couples will likely jump at the chance to have $10,000 wiped off the bill by a US firm – but there’s a catch.
Essentially inviting couples to bet on whether their marriage will last, wedding website SwanLuv will hand over the five-figure sum if the pair agree to pay all of the money back with interest if they get divorced.
The website works using a cycle of money, with the $10,000 paid for by members who split up.
The firm’s first payments will be rolled out in February 2016, in time for Valentine’s Day.
Pre-empting complaints that the website is profiting from divorce, it assures members: “100% of the money collected from members who are later divorced is used to provide funds for future couples’ dream weddings. SwanLuv keeps the dream alive.”
CEO Scott Avy told Greek Wire that the company protects itself by assessing statistics, surveying potential couples and giving a higher interest rate to those appearing to be in stronger relationships.
“It really depends on where you are in your relationship,” Avy said. “I’m betting on my relationship I’ve established with my soulmate. It’s going to be a no-brainer for the ones it makes sense for.”
“They’re signing up for it,” he said. “We’re not forcing them. It’s all by choice.”
However, relationship counsellor Michael Kallenbach told The Huffington Post that it could pressure couples to stay together.
“It’s almost trying to bribe couples to stay together because of money – and that is not a good thing.”
But Mr Avy said there is a clause which means one person is responsible for paying the debt if the marraige ends due to abuse.

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