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Parliament: Contractor working on broken down facilities


Managers of the State Tower Block, popularly known as Job 600, are working to ensure that all broken down facilities are restored, Kate Addo, Acting Director of Public Affairs, Office of Parliament has said.

Her comment is in reaction to media publications that drew the public’s attention to leakages and broken down facilities in the magnificent State edifice., The Chronicle and Daily Graphic on Monday reported that two elevators in the State Tower Block were not functioning exactly a month after inauguration of the office complex.

That aside, the roof of the 252 office complex leaks anytime it rains. This leakage, the publications noted, had affected the traction of cables and counterweight systems of the elevators.

Scanners at the point of entry were also reported to have broken down.

But the Acting Director, Public Affairs of Parliament in a rejoinder to the said publications said any defect in the building is being attended to by managers of the facility.

“The office of Parliament wishes to state that, as part of the contractual agreement with the contractors and facility managers, there is a one year Defect Liability Period in which any defects or problems that may crop up would be immediately repaired or rectified by the contractors and facility managers and both parties are committed to ensuring that this agreement is adhered to.”

“It is pertinent to note that the managers of the facility are on site to ensure that all malfunctioning parts in the facility are repaired or replaced while any problems that may occur are immediately rectified. The contractors have accordingly informed the office that two of the elevators are under routine maintenance with certain parts being replaced. The scanners, on the other hand, had to be turned off for routine maintenance work,” she noted.

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