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A/R: Armed robbers on the loose in Atonsu

Armed robbers are terrorizing residents of Atonsu in the Ashanti region.

The robbers are breaking into homes and snatching personal belongings of the residents at night.

Police in the area have met the Assemblymen for the area over the worsening security situation there.

One of the Assembly Members for the area Raymond Opoku Agyemang told Starr News the situation has become unbearable.

“It is very terrible. Because this robbers are always looting an snatching our bags and we can’t stand it again. They stand by the Atonsu park and Presby church and pretend as if they are praying but as soon as they see a woman passing, they just pounce on her and rob her. We are just pleading with the Police to come to our aid. We are ready to work with them to curb the situation.” he lamented.


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