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CNN Night Cap- December 1 2015 ……
Posted by admin on 2nd December 2015


Welcome to the CNN Politics Nightcap and good Tuesday evening from Washington. Chris Christie is building momentum in New Hampshire — which is where Donald Trump is campaigning tonight. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush marked 60 years since the Montgomery bus boycott. And Democrats and Republicans were fighting on Capitol Hill over Planned Parenthood. Your bartender is Eric Bradner. The tip jar:

Is Chris Christie’s New Hampshire moment too little, too late?

The New Hampshire Union Leader’s endorsement, a turnaround in his underwater favorability ratings in the Granite State and the backing of influential activists Dan and Renee Plummer adds up to this: Chris Christie‘s long-languishing campaign is having a moment. In the wake of the Paris attacks, he’s selling a combination of straight talk and experience. The big question: Even if things break his way, will Republican voters ever forgive him for his 2012 hug of President Barack Obama in the wake of Superstorm Sandy? CNN’s Tom LoBianco examines the challenge.
Donald Trump is acknowledging Christie’s relevance in a way only Trump could: by attacking him on Twitter. Said Christie’s least-favorite pollster, Monmouth University’s Patrick Murray: “Now that’s he’s on Donald Trump‘s radar, that’s kind of the credibility stamp for the Christie campaign.”

Abortion politics: Dem faults GOP rhetoric for shooting

Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette tied Republicans’ anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric to the shooting at one of the organization’s clinics in Colorado. The lawmaker from Colorado told reporters that the eight Republicans on a select House committee investigating Planned Parenthood have used the phrase “baby body parts” — or one like it — 33 times since July. “Isn’t it interesting this lone shooter used that same phrase,” she said. My story with CNN’s Deirdre Walsh.
It’s an escalation of a fight that has brewed for months. Democrats called on House Speaker Paul Ryan to shut down a committee investigating Planned Parenthood’s handling of fetal matter. While some conservatives could push to block federal dollars from flowing to Planned Parenthood in a government funding bill that must pass by December 11, leading Republicans say they don’t see the issue throwing the government into a shutdown.