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How Dare You, John Dramani Mahama!!!

God is not that stupid to glorify and reward such abominably gross incompetence, such as you have so shamelessly displayed all these past seven years. Of course, I am also counting your scandalously unremarkable stint as a bumbling and virtually AWOL second-bananas to the late President John Evans Atta-Mills, whose questionable demise you have yet to fully and credibly address to the nation and the global community. I also don’t know precisely what you want to get out of Ghanaian citizens, by way of a reaction, when you so intemperately and uncouthly question the right of Dr.-Alhaji Mahamamudu Bawumia to call a spade by its most apposite designation, by calling you a grossly and unprecedentedly incompetent Ghanaian leader. Now, just tell us what it means and/or feels like to be extra-constitutionally designated President of the Democratic Republic of Ghana.

You see, like many of my fellow Ghanaians, I still firmly believe that you were not duly, genuinely and authentically elected President of Ghana in December 2012. The Supreme Court panel presided over by your cry-baby “northerner homeboy,” Justice William Atuguba, cheaply and garishly and, I must say, luridly, handed you the presidency on the lid of a night-soil container! I am also quite certain that Alhaji Bawumia, your non-Gonja “fellow” northerner and astute and creative former Deputy-Governor of the nation’s central treasury, the Bank of Ghana, has a far better sense of how to manage our nation’s economy than either you or your vice and former BoG governor is capable of dreaming about. The Mamprusi royal proved this much by ably assisting Dr. Paul Acquah, the retired astute and foresighted Governor of the BoG to mighty wonders with the country’s economy under the undeniably progressive tenure of President John Agyekum-Kufuor.

I am not making this up; and this much you know clearly and unmistakably. The IMF-World-published figures are there for all to see, read and digest. And here, of course, I am referring to the Kufuor-led government of the New Patriotic Party’s nonesuch feat of quadrupling the size of Ghana’s economy during the fleeting eight years that the NPP gloriously held the democratic reins of governance. Mr. Mahama, you may do yourself and your kleptocratic party some good by telling Ghanaians what great good the tandem governments of the Rawlings-led Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC), and your so-called National Democratic Congress (NDC), did for us in the twenty protracted years of “revolutionary” sham politicking.

The fact of the matter is that the King is far more than merely naked. The King has absolutely no clothes in his closet to brag about! Remember Ghana’s national legal tender, the Cedi, was a veritable shinplaster when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) assumed the feces-slathered reins of governance in January 2001? Dr. Bawumia would head a team of crackerjack economists to revaluate the Cedi and make it viable and manageable, once more, for Ghanaians to be able to carry it in their purses and wallets. Under your so-called National Democratic Congress government, with President Jerry John Rawlings at the helm, and of which you blindly and viciously played “Chief Shit-Bomber,” converting a mere $100 (one-hundred United States’ dollars) took truckloads. Aren’t you glad you can, once again, carry your Cedis, and even pesewas, in your wallet?
Recently, some political junkyard buffoon Ghanaian resident here in United States, who shamelessly pretends to be resident on state-side, had the temerity to cynically snap to yours truly that “merely reducing a few zeroes from the Cedi was no remarkable achievement.” And so why didn’t your Rawlings regime perform this simple and elementary math by making the Cedi portable in the pre-Kufuor era? I know you thievish Abongo Boys on the other side of the aisle prefer to play shameless hypocrites than honest Ghanaian citizens. It is rather a screaming shame that you should be calling Dr. Bawumia a denizen from outer-space who has absolutely no right to call you up on your gross administrative incompetence. Well, let me refresh your memory here a little bit.

In the frenzied lead-up to the 2012 Presidential Election, you imperiously and chauvinistically advised your fellow eligible northerner voters that about the only way that any of them could consider giving their votes to the New Patriotic Party would be if Nana Akufo-Addo decided to reverse positions with the Oxbridge-schooled Mamprusi/Mamprugu chieftain by making Dr. Bawumia the Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party. Now – wonders of wonders – you want Ghanaians to believe that, after all, Dr. Bawumia is not qualified to be elected President of Ghana! Ghanaians have to make you pay dearly for such insufferable insult and abuse.

Pardon me for these most intimate and personal of questions: Do you, perchance, smoke ganja? Snort coke? (Not Coca-Cola, by the way). Or guzzle Vodka and Absolut in your leisure hours, Mr. Red? I know this much, and I am also quite certain that most Ghanaians are on the same page with me on this. And it is the fact that it takes somebody far and much smarter than you, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, to become a genuinely elected President of the Democratic Republic of Ghana! Maybe some levelheaded Ghanaian citizen ought to have schooled Justice William Atuguba and his Supreme Court associates about this elementary fact. And then, also, isn’t it a shame for a presumptuous “Patapaa” urchin like you to accuse Nana Akufo-Addo of insufferable arrogance? Could have fooled me, big time, Gonja Boy…. Or is it Ganja Boy?

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