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The Asanteman Council of North America (ACONA) expels one Association and Two Chiefs !

The Asanteman Council of North America (ACONA), the umbrella organization which coordinates the activities of its member organizations i.e, the various Asanteman Associations in USA and Canada has expelled The Asanteman Association of Washington Metro Area, The Asantefuohene of the Association, Nana Kofi Boateng and the Asantefuohene of Asanteman Association of USA in New York, Nana Tieku Acheampong.

Their expulsion were based on the following grounds:
(1) Gross misconduct and activities detrimental and prejudicial to the aims and objectives of ACONA’s constitution.
(2) Insubordination by disobeying specific orders by the Council for member associations not to attend the swearing-in ceremony of a dissident Asante group in Columbus, Ohio, on July 3rd and 4th 2015.
( 3) Engaging in conspiracy and subversive activities with a group and some non ACONA members and New York Asanteman Association to undermine the leadership, and the organizational structure of ACONA.
(4) Calculated efforts by the defendants to destroy the good name and reputation of ACONA.
By virtue of Article Vi of ACONA constitution and bylaws defendants were given up to October 18, 2015 to appear and defend the charges filed against them. However, no defense or response was received from the defendants. Nana Kofi Boateng sent a note of his intention not to appear to answer or defend those allegations. He however contested the jurisdiction of the Council to hear that case.

Therefore on October18 2015, the Council having met and carefully reviewed and considered all the allegations finds and judges as follows:

1. That the Council by virtue of Article 1V,Section 2 of the Constitution has the legislative and policy making authority of ACONA and therefore competent to hear and decide subject matter
2. That the Council after considering each allegation finds the Defendants guilty of all the charges against them
3. That Pursuant to Article viii defendants Nana Kofi Boateng, and Asanteman Association of Washington DC are expelled from membership of ACONA forth with or with immediate effect.
4. That they hence forth must cease and desist from using ACONA name in any dealings or communication with any person or entity.
5. Defendants to surrender to the secretariat any documents about ACONA that they have in their possession within two weeks after this judgment



  1. It serves them right,no one is bigger than Asanteman.long live Asanteman

  2. Good, please let us respect our leaders when you are called to answer a question.

  3. Nana Osei Barimah

    Good leadership: Dr Duah, Osofo Boansi, Nana Adu Poku,Nana Marfo, Nana Bonsu: Stand firm. We throw our full support behind you. This is the real application of the rule of the law.ACONA has good reputation and believe it or not it is a registered institution in North America where no one is above the law. This is the ‘RED FLAG’ to whoever is behind all these efforts to dismantle ACONA. Long Live Asanteman !!!

  4. Nana Osei Anane

    Good leadership !! Dr. Samuel Duah, Osofo Boansi, Nana Adu Poku, Nana Marfo and Nana Bonsu.
    We throw our full support behind you. This shows that we live in a society and have ACONA also registered in a society where the rule of the law works. If you mean to dismantle ACONA, then what are you trying to say to the FOUNDERS, who took their time and resources to establish it.
    This is a red flag to whoever is behind all these efforts to cause disunity among us. This act of ‘divide and rule’ tactic has failed.

  5. Yea yi moadi go and join Tepahene and his diabolical Acts. ACONA Ayikoo ye mamo mo ne yo.

  6. Now you go ACONA Mpanimfo well done ! Mpanin se patapaa pieto yede mmera na eworo


  8. Well said ACONA members for standing behind our leaders, we have to stand and protect the name of ACONA. LONG LIVE ACONA

  9. Well done Acona,let Washington and New York,Dallas go and join TEPAHENE.ACONA is not under Tepahene,but we gave respect to him.ACONA request from OTUMFUOR in Atlanta to give us somebody if we go Manhyia, that is where Tepahene came in,but not to take affairs of our Associations in USA/CANADA.ACONA WAS FORMED before Tepahene became a chief.He have poewr at Tepa alone but not in USA/CANADA.
    Mensah Amankwa Diawuo.

  10. Long Live ACONA!!! It has taken too long but the battle has been won. Those two stooges and their so called tepahene thought they had power to dismantle ACONA, little did they know that God was fighting ACONA’s battle for them. All their Kwaku Bonsam’s juju, bribery of tepahene and his so called manhyia cohorts couldn’t bribe The Almighty God. Shame on tieku, nana boateng of Washington and tepahene of Tepa. May the Almighty God Strengthen ACONA.

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