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Two Asanteman Chiefs in USA Expelled from ACONA


On November 7, 2015, the Asanteman Council of North America (ACONA) expelled from the Association three members, including two prominent chiefs, Nana Tieku and Nana Boateng.

In their letters of expulsion, the Executive Secretary of ACONA, Dr. Samuel Agyeman Duah, laid the charges against Nana Tieku (Asantefuohene of New York), Nana Kofi Boateng (Asantefuohene of Washington DC), and Golash Adadey (President of Asanteman Association of Washington DC).

The charges filed against the three persons are firstly, gross misconduct and activities detrimental and prejudicial to the aims and objectives of ACONA’s constitution; secondly, engaging in conspiracy and subversive activities with a group and some non-ACONA chapter-members to undermine the leadership and the organizational structure of ACONA; thirdly, calculated efforts by the defendants to destroy the good name and reputation of ACONA; and fourthly and lastly, insubordination by disobeying the specific order by the Council for members not to attend the swearing-in of a dissident Asante group in Columbus, Ohio, on July 3rd and 4th 2015.

The three persons were issued specific orders to appear before the Council to defend the charges filed against them. Nana Kofi Boateng sent a note of his intention not to appear to answer or defend those allegations, and even contested the jurisdiction of ACONA to hear that case.

The Council, after considering the allegations against the three persons, found them guilty of all charges and, thus, expelled from membership of ACONA with immediate effect, including, but not limited to, ceasing to use the ACONA name in any dealings or communications.

ACONA is the umbrella organization of all the Asanteman Associations in the United States and Canada.

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