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Bright Akwetey puzzled by appalling Hearts of Oak

It’s the 104th anniversary of the oldest club on the land. Usually, it should be greeted with much merriment, conviviality and joy.

The glory days of 2000 where Hearts conquered Ghana and Africa with the dreaded 64 battalion still remains the pinnacle of the Phobians’ success.

In the midst of this commemoration is a cloud of inability to make an impact both on and off the pitch.

This has led to the former director of Hearts of Oak, Bright Akwetey ripping into the current administrators of the club for how low the club has sunk in the current years.

“Hearts of Oak has fallen on bad times, deplorably so, lamentably so, it is antagonizing to see where Accra Hearts of oak is now,” he told Joy Sports exclusively.

“The club that used to move us from our homes to go and sit at the Accra Sports stadium at 11.00am for a game at 4pm is not the Hearts now.”

“Those there know what Hearts of Oak is, what constitutes Hearts of Oak, what makes the club gel, and they are calling it Hearts of Oak. There are too many wrong things being done.”

When asked if the club was now regarded as a failure, Akwetey was adamant the club was heading towards that direction especially with, what he says are, corrupt figures in and around the club

“We are on the verge of being described as such, but there is still hope. That’s why we wanted to build the stadium with the monies from the transfers.”

“This happens when we have a situation where we cannot protect the monies, and the monies pass through people’s accounts in Europe before they come to the club.”

“I don’t accept it, everything must be transparent. People don’t like it that way, so even wehn they went to buy land at Pobiman, what happened to it?

“If the so called owners are calling it their club, who will come to their aid? I think there are issues to take up and settle before the club will go back to its former self.”

Success on the pitch has also eluded the Phobians with league victory last being tasted six years ago

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