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Garu MP Aspirant meets NDC New York Branch

Source: NDC New York

NDC NY usual meeting on every last Saturday of the month on Townsend Avenue in the Bronx ended with thunderous applauses and standing ovations they have never seen before. Forty five minutes to the end of the meeting, Moses Kanduri, who is now NDC parliamentary aspirant for Garu constituency entered the meeting room and greeted all the members. Mr.Nortey, the NDC chairman NDC NY branch addressed the audience and introduced Mr. Kanduri.
Mr. Kanduri introduced his entourage and began to highlight the good works that president John Mahama is embarking on for the country with regards to electricity, roads, hospitals, agriculture and many more. He commended Mr. Isaac Nortey and the NDC NY members for good work and the branch’s effort to uphold the tenets of NDC and move the party forward.
During the question and answers session, Sam Yakubu asked Mr. Kanduri “what must we in the Diasporas have to do to gain recognition in Ghana?” In his answer, Mr. Kanduri cited himself as a perfect example of one of many diasporans whose good work has been rewarded by sailing smoothly through NDC’S parliamentary aspirant’s vetting for Garu constituency. When pressed further on how the youth can relate to his energy and vibrancy, Moses said “it’s just a matter of trust, competence and the ability to execute duties to uplift the image of NDC, the party that we all love”.
Mr. Ishmael, who accompanied Moses Kanduri also commended the chairman, the executives and NDC NY branch and said the mere desire of the members to sacrifice their time and resource to see Ghana and the NDC party grow is a noble idea. The chairman (Mr.Nortey) assured Moses that NDC NY will do everything that they can to support his bid to become MP for Garu.
Baffuor Gyawu, the communications officer (NDC NY) quoted Bob Marley and said “if you have no friend in a high society your identity is not recognized”. He cited example that, in the United States the president uses his coattail effect to help people win elections to the House of Representatives and the senate who would then help him to pass bills into laws in order to implement his policies. He also stated that NDC NY must help to elect Moses to the parliament so that in the future anyone from the Diasporas with political ambition can ride on his Coattail. Baffuor ended by saying to the members that,” those of you who think the diasporas is not recognized because we have no friends in Ghana – I say to you- we don’t need a friend in Ghana because we have a son in Ghana- Moses Kanduri”.
Mr.Kanduri responded and reassured members not to think the good works done by the diaspora will go unnoticed. He said “everything you do outside Ghana as NDC members are monitored and appreciated, so keep up the good work”.
NDC New York is witnessing a star being born in Garu constituency in the person of Moses Kanduri. He is a young man full of energy, very warm with welcoming personality. As democracy in Ghana advances, Moses would be the politician to watch for hope.
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