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Sankofa:Typo causes $6.3m jump in printing budget at DVLA

Source: Ghana||EA

Although the DVLA Board approved $3.6million contract for the printing of
drivers’ licenses, the figure has jumped to $9.9million, a disparity that
has been explained as a typographical error.

The license-printing company FOTO-X which was selected by Driver Vehicle
and Licensing Authority (DVLA) via sole sourcing told Joy News, the actual
figure should have been $9.9million not $3.6million. The company believes
it is a mistake.

But documents at the Public Procurement Authority quotes the size of the
contract as $3.6million which was approved by the DVLA Board.

The DVLA Board is investigating the Management after terms of the contract
showed $9.9million.
While the investigation is on-going, FOTO-X has been instructed by the
Board to stop printing the licenses triggering a backlog of more than
200,000 drivers’ licenses.

The licenses have been pending since April 2014 because of the contractual
anomalies. Drivers have had to make do with a cover note given by the DVLA
as a temporary license.

It was to last for three months and a permanent license issued. But it has
taken a year.

The DVLA in 2006 wanted to phase out and replace a booklet driver’s license
with a card. It chose FOTO-X and DIGIMARC to do this work at a cost of

Joe Osei Owusu who was head of DVLA at the time revealed that the contract
with FOTO-X ad DIGIMARC was to end in 2012. The DVLA was to take over the

When Joe Osei Owusu left the scene, the next DVLA Chief Executive Justice
Amegashie on the 2nd of August, 2012 renewed a contract on behalf of the

The cost of the contract which the DVLA Board had valued at $3.6 million
had jumped to $9.9 million.
Joe Osei Owusu thinks the new contract is fraudulent because the costly
components of the contract had already been covered in the earlier
contract. The equipment and facilities to be used were also already in

“Are they replacing everything which has been used in the past six years?
Did DVLA determine that all the equipment are obsolete….for which reason
they will replace them at the cost of $2million?” Mr. Owusu told Joy News’
Kwetey Nartey.
While Joe Osei Owusu has been willing to comment, his successor Justice
Amegashie who signed the 9.9million contract has declined to comment.

Three weeks ago, outgoing head of the DVLA Rudolph Beckley said the
drivers’ license would be printed first week of this month when he
addressed a section of the media in Accra.

As to whether those technicalities would be resolved is a new challenge the
incoming DVLA boss Noble Appiah will have to deal with, so applicants get
their license this week as promised.

The controversy over the issuance of card license has spanning the tenure
of two DVLA Chief Executives and is about to enter the tenure of a third
Chief Executive.

But motorists are still stuck with paper licenses because of a controversy
around a $9.9 million contract.

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