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Striking Doctors soften stance; Won’t withdraw emergency services

XYZ News can authoritatively report that striking public medical Doctors have
rescinded their decision to withdraw emergency services starting Monday April
15, 2013.

The Doctors however will persist with their withdrawal of
services to new Out-Patients.

The decision followed a crunch meeting by
the National Executive Council of the Ghana Medical Association in Accra on
Sunday April 14, 2013.

The meeting largely focused on the government’s
proposal toward paying the accrued market premium arrears of the

The softening of their stance follows numerous pleas from the
Clergy, the National House of Chiefs among a raft of other revered groups and
individuals to suspend the strike for the sake of innocent patients.

Doctors began their strike on Monday April 8, 2013, in demand for their market
premium arrears which have been outstanding since 2012.

They are also
demanding a correction of their pension contribution anomalies.

Denial of
medical services to new Out-patients was meant to be the first phase of the
strike for a week.

The second phase would have been the withdrawal of
emergency services which would have started on Monday but for their decision to
soften their stance.

The Doctors strike coincided with that of the
Government Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA) in demand of their accrued
salary arrears and market premium as negotiated by the

Incidentally, University Teachers have also been on strike for the
past two weeks.

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