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Fighting corruption in Ghana -who’s responsibility ?

Columnist: Darrah, Francis

Corruption has become one of the leading topics of discussion in Ghana today and it has dominated the airwaves the most .Corruption is a cancer that does no good to any Nation. As much as we speak against this ailment , such should we plan strategies to eradicate it .

Fighting corruption is a collective responsibility of individual member of the society . It can be sited just like the training of a child .It is said that , it takes a couple to put to bed a child , but it takes the entire society to train the child .Corruption has been there for time immemorial . Today myths surrounding corruption has become like a football being played especially in the political arena as if it has surfaced during the N D C Government era .Many people and for that matter the opposition Parties are using this word as a tool to discredit the Government insted of adopting measures for it’s eradication . Yes we all agree that corruption is a cancer that needs to be eradicated to pave way for better use of NATIONAL resource to the benefit of the Nation and for that matter the ordinary man in the society . It wasn’t far long when Ghanaians went into the ballot and chose their favorite under the close observation of International Community . From that day the Mahama’s Government had no peace to put his plans of better Ghana into action . Accusation of Vote rigging became the key word on the lips of the opposition parties , Paddling of votes in favour of one person , the election petition surfaced ,the pink sheets came into play , the Supreme court’s alleged bribery and bias ruling surfaced . After all these when these plans to win power at cost failed , the topic of corruption was adopted . When shall we learn to accept defeat and re-plan strategies to regain what we lost in the future? Are the various unfounded allegations the strategy to win back what one desires ? It’s God who institutes authorities and anyone who stands against the authority of God stands to fail in his efforts .

We speak of Corruption without talking about Bribery which i think is a twin brother to the former. Bribery brings about corruption and corruption leads to bribery . Some one may not agree with me . Go to the Ministries , Hospitals , Recruitment centers , Look at the various Police barriers , unnecessary bereucracies in the systems, etc, you can realise what the situation is in Ghana . Who in Ghana has never received a form of Reward for exercising his civil responsibility which in actual fact he is not entitled to ? The ice water vendor by the street delayed to give her client in the mooving car his due change with the intention of retaining what she is not entitled to. The clerk keeps telling you that the document is not ready but dish out something to him and the next day you are o.k . We are in a society that needs a radical change without playing political games with situations of national interest . Defeating Corruption therefore in the society needs the collective efforts of all and every one has a part to play. UNFORTUNATELY a political party -NPP thinks this problem is the headache of the Mahama led Government alone. They politicise corruption and labelled the N DC Government as the only corrupt Government in the world. The NPP is never corrupted . After adopting all means to redicule the NDC Government , the only tool at their disposal today is corruption as if the NPP Government was never corrupt . I am not endorsing corruption in any form , what i am saying is that we need collective efforts to eradicate it without policizing it and pointing our long fingers at one person . Who is NDC to deny totally the fact that some persons within the Government can indulge in corrupt practices ? But there is only one political party that deny this in totto in it’s Government . They are never corrupt even if they are cought right in the act . Former President Rawlings spoke about Governments in power and corruption . If a fish came out of the river and told you the crocodile has one eye whom are you to doubt it ?. However the NPP jumped up in awe as if it never heard that word before .YES Angels in Black Robes and vice versa . Has the CIA ever came to Ghana during the era of NPP Government to warn the President of the impending danger surrounding the Government as corruption is concerned ? The NPP?’s Government propaganda to discredit the NDC is silenced by the Rawlings revelation . When Rawlings criticises his own party of corruption the opposition sing this in every lacality as PRAISES . When he criticises the NPP then curses are rained on him . It can happen that a particular President is not corrupt but those beside him might be highly corrupt . On the other hand it can happen a particular President can be corrupt in a special way . When Npp is in power they are never corrupt . When they lost power to their opponent ,there and then they sing the praise of corruption . The time has come for us to accept the fact that corruption is in the Ghanaian society which needs to be eradicated. If you don’t accept your mistakes and weaknesses , how can you work towards it’s elimination ? . Reading through an article on the Ghanawebsite by Mr , Franklin Cudjoe of Imani movement on the 14/12/2013 I was thinking Imani was a non political organisation . Has he acted on many Boards in Ghana as he claimed and saw many lapses ?. Somewhere along the line i realised this imani is politically biased . An NPP oriented .Cudjoe declared he never saw in his entire life the level of corruption as in Mahama’s Government .Has he never seen corruption in any other government ? Has he lost his political lens that is needed to see political things better .I was asking myself if he drew his salary and allowances for services rendered to the Boards as he stated ? . Has he given the Government any advice on what he found during his work? Is he also helping his associates in degrading the NDC Government ?

Let’s not sway off President Mahama through destructive propaganda . Allow Mahama to focus on his better Ghana agenda he promised Ghanaian during his campaign message . His Excellency Mahama , listen to what God tells you . Aim at the sun and you would never miss the Moon.

God Blesses You..LONG LIVE NDC GOVT:

16/12/2013 Francis Darrah

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