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Photos: Accra floods again after hours of heavy rains

Hours of torrential rains in Accra since the wee hours of Friday have led to parts of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, especially the Accident Emergency Unit and other areas flooded.

Hundreds of residents are displaced due to the heavy downpour with some major streets experiencing gridlock.

Homes and offices in several communities including Abeka Junction, the Graphic Road, Dome Market, Nima, among others have been submerged in water.

The Teshie Tafo community has been cut off from the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly.

Below are pictures being sent through by Starr News reporters:


Hours of persistent rains Friday in the capital Accra has left parts of the city flooded to predictable detail.

At the famous Kwame Nkrumah Circle – the scene of arguably the most deadly flooding disaster in Ghana – there were fearful scenes of flooding with terrified people running for cover.

The June 3 Disaster that left more than 150 dead from flooding played out in the minds of those stranded and looking for help.

Traders were loudly complaining that desilting and demolition of buildings done following the disaster have served no purpose in dealing with the effects of the city”s poor drainage system.

The Odaw river was threatening to burst its banks.

At the Goil fuel station where an explosion worsened the floods last June, the scene was a virtual playback of black Wednesday night. The flood waters there rose to above kneel level.

An electric cable insulated with a pipeline hang periously between some shops at Circle.

A the market at Odawna, flood water levels had risen to levels that could breach the wall around the market if the rains persisted.

Predictably, the floods washed up heaps of garbage and debris from uncollected waste.

Buses at Circle, abandoned taxis and saloon cars are especially sinking in the floods.

The rains sent signals of coming events this dawn and began again at around 9 am Friday. It has been raining for at least 3 hours. The Mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye was at Circle to assess the extent of damage caused by the floods.

Flood waters gushed out furiously through open drains in Accra.


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