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Apostle Maxwell Kusi – God’s Purposes forever Stand Sure – No Derailment !

By Dr. Katherine Carboo

God has a purpose for each person He creates. His purpose stands secure with no derailment by Satan, no matter the detours. The life of the Pentecost Church’s Apostle, Maxwell Kofi Kusi, attests to this truth. Just as power runs through a conduit to transmit current, so did the power of God with this man. By the seed of five souls 28 years ago, God used the then Brother Maxwell Kofi Kusi to gather the other six saints as the first nucleus New York prayer group that was birthed in 1987, evidentiary success story of The Church of Pentecost in the United States of America. They now a membership of over fifteen thousand souls currently washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is written that “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” (Proverb 11:30)

The most exciting thing in the life of Apostle Kusi has always been his zeal to work for the Lord. Come October 25th of this year, his charted course in the soul winning business, in the vineyard of God, championing of Jesus Christ is coming to an end. Though a soldier in the army of the Lord, he will forever continue his Christian duties even after retirement till the end of life. That is the dignity of a Servant Apostle. This victorious exploit of resilient faith has a hall of fame showcasing God’s vessels like the founding pioneers of The Church of Pentecost U.S.A., Inc. although unacknowledged and still stays in the background, unconcerned about accolades and still sing their silent song heartily “To God Be The Glory”. These founding Pioneers are in the persons of, Elders Eric Oppong, Brown, Ben Boakye, Charles Baah, Deaconess Theresa Oppong, and Sister Victoria.

There was a genesis to this great move of the hand of God in the life of Apostle Maxwell Kofi Kusi. Born into the church of Pentecost in 1950 by strong and uncompromising Christian parents, he was a professional High Pressure HVAC Mechanical Engineer of Einstein Hospital of New York, New York. Nurtured by the late Rev. Alphonse Wood, his Spiritual Father, by his gift of integrity in the course of his stewardship stood for the truth, integrity, prayerful life, courageous zeal, compassion and reverence. To a question of how this virtue factored in his work, Apostle, who was ordained a Pastor after being an Elder for eight years, ensured his first loyalty and obedience be to the Lord his God.
“Looking back, I realize the faithfulness of God in honoring the truth.” There were instances where standing the grounds of truth and fairness in defense of the Word of God and the growth of the Church likewise on some administrative protocols earned him a stigma as a troublesome and uncompromising person. Many were those who called him stubborn and problematic. Yet on the other hand, such supposed adversaries later reckoned he was just serving his God as Christ wanted him to – to be truthful, faithful, fair and just to all. He has no regrets.

To a question of whether the same policies of church planting as practiced in Ghana can be applied in the USA, this is the Apostle’s opinion:
Dynamics can change but not the doctrines. Acquiring churches in communities are good; however, there are the problems of liquidity to address. The founding fathers in Ghana found it expedient to plant churches in both small and big communities to reach out to the unsaved in the societies and helping the church growth by curtailing transportation problems of the poor by taking the church to the saints. The terrain here in the United States and other Western Countries is different. Effective transportation systems, the ability to lease properties, build structures incorporated with systemic evangelism are some of the positive traits. However if the church in the Western world develop the Ghanaian concept of taking the church to the saints instead of the saints coming to the church, then the church finds itself in a financial deadlock when it rents a whole facility for maybe hundred congregants and have the issue of unpaid utility bills, rent and others to struggle with. The is, to sit and plan for the expansion of the church taking into consideration their locations. Indeed, it is best for the church to make it her policy to build facilities from the scratch. That is how he believes the future holds for the church.
“Many, sometimes root for smaller churches where church members know each other and where the Pastors can easily be accessible without protocols. The good news in the Church of Pentecost is that, there are people in Leadership who are mandated to help minister. It is forever possible to get other ministers flow in their calling to meet the spiritual and physical needs of congregants; that is the essence of the body of Christ – each part functioning according to the assigned gifts.”

Apostle posts that the beauty of Pentecostalism is that whilst the doctrines based on the Word of God is static, the cultural environment can readily influence the church across the world, citing the fact that, in India church services are held with congregants seated on rugs on the ground. This tradition pertains in North and South America and other places of the world. He stated that the fact that the church is fast losing the youth is a grave situation that needs the attention of all.

He opines that, PIWC the English service of the church that most of the youth attend, currently cannot do much. In that the only thing that is done different is, from them is the speaking of English in their activities. This must be addressed with strategies to retain the youth. According to Apostle the current leadership (headed by Apostle Dr. Opoku-Onyina) is tackling this problem. To this end, the new head Apostle Dr. Opoku-Onyina is encouraging the youth who are led by the Holy Spirit to a pastoral calling not to shy away. Presently, men between the ages of 35 and above who hold high school diplomas and college degrees are eligible. For Apostle, his outspoken character and straight manners earned him quite a number of friends. Behind this great man of God is a gentle but strong prayer tycoon of a wife, Deaconness Mrs. Mary Kusi. She was part of the formative years of the North America Church of Pentecost. A pillar of support, she has been the mother of many and the “eyes and ears” of her husband, assisting him in receiving phone calls, hosting at short notices, and advising to her dear husband in thorny situations. In most instances they have fasted and prayed diligently together while helping her husband’s ministry from a seasoned woman’s point of view. Deaconess Mrs. Mary Kusi is a woman of humble means, very respectful, prayerful, a lover of children, a compassionate and a conversationalist, who has a soft loving heart for all and a home maker who loves the Lord exceptionally.

Apostle Maxwell Kofi Kusi, as a faithful servant of Christ, earned not only the approval of all but also persecution. Apostle says: “Ours is a praying church. Every action the church takes goes through the process of seeking the face of the Lord. It is not a ‘one-man’ church. We pray always and ask for divine direction. Our God speaks and directs everything we do. This is the uniqueness of The Church of Pentecost a church so vibrant with the Holy Spirit power and anointing.” Though retiring Apostle looks forward to continuing his truthful service that brings glory to God; that is his purpose and that is his joy – doing the Master’s Will now and always.

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