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Betty Mould apologises for Ashanti comment

A Vice Chairperson of the ruling National Democratic Congress Betty Mould-Iddrisu has apologised for her comments that she regrets being an Asante.

The former Attorney General in a meeting with party communicators said: “Sometimes when I listen to the radio and I hear the things that are said on the radio, I feel pain, I feel pained that I am an Ashanti. I wonder why we can’t value what we have. I wonder why we can’t acknowledge that in Africa, Ghana is number one and among the top five countries”.

The comment has received massive public backlash with many describing it as unfortunate and needless. A pressure group in the Ashanti region, the Ashanti Youth Association, has given her one week to apologise for the statement.

Responding to the public reaction to her comments, the former Education minister told Accra-based Neat FM Tuesday that even though she believes her comments have been twisted by the media, she nonetheless apologises for them.

“I am a true Ashanti and would not turn my back on my heritage. My words were twisted and would want to say sorry to all who have been hurt as a result of my statements,” she stated.


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