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Little Step Foundation

Who are we?
The members of the Little Steps Foundation (LSF) are Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social Workers and other categories of Health Workers of the Directorate of Child Health (DCH) of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) who are dedicated to ensuring the well being of the Ghanaian child, especially sick children.

Why was LSF set up?
The LSF was born out of our deep frustration at seeing child after Ghanaian child, die on our wards and under our care because their parent could not afford to pay for the medical treatment to save their lives.

What does LSF Do?
LSF seeks to raise funds for the care of sick children under the care of DCH KATH who would not otherwise be able to pay for their health care. Many of such children die or go through unbearable pain and suffering because their families cannot afford to buy lifesaving medicines and other things needed to treat them. Even the National Health Insurance Scheme cannot pay for all the costs of these children
What are some of the conditions treated at DCH-KATH?
There are many units under DCH KATH.

The Mother Baby Unit (MBU):
MBU admits babies under 2 months old. Some of the conditions you will find there are babies who could not breathe at birth and needed help, premature babies (babies born too soon and too small) babies born with abnormal organs like the heart or liver, babies with infections, jaundice and many other conditions

The Paediatric Emergency Unit:
Here you will find children with all kinds of emergencies such as asthma, breathing problems, Sickle Cell Disease, Severe Malnutrition, Severe Malaria and other infections.

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit:
This is also an emergency unit. However the children here are more critically ill and need a much more intensive form of treatment including life support machines and powerful medication that keep failing organs functioning. Their treatment is correspondingly more expensive. Some of the conditions found there are children with very severe breathing problems, heart and circulatory failure and multi organ failure

Ward B4
Ward B4 admits children with malnutrition, where the disease is severe enough to be life threatening. B4 also takes care of children with Kidney disease including kidney failure. The ward also takes care of children with liver and intestinal diseases.

Ward B5
Ward B5 admits children who have Cancer and also children who have blood diseases such as Sickle Cell Disease. Childhood Cancer in particular, is extremely expensive to treat and very few Ghanaian families are able to afford the treatment. It is currently not covered by NHIS

Ward B6
Ward C5 admits children with Heart and Lung diseases. Some children are born with abnormal hearts (for example holes in their hearts) and need heart surgery and lifelong treatment. C5 admits children with Asthma, Pneumonia, Heart failure and many other conditions.
How to help:
You can get in touch with us at or call the office of the Head of Child Health Directorate, Komfo Anokye teaching Hospital on (+233) 3220 36751. Our office is at the office of the Head of Directorate of Child Health, of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Alternately you could call us on (+233) 20 8137780 or (+233) 20-864-0555

Sad to say good bye… After spending almost a month at KATH the Abanyo family can now go back to Tamale to enjoy life at home. Blessing was referred to KATH by doctors at Tamale Teaching Hospital because she was born with her intestines in the right chest that affected her right lung development thus making it extremely difficult for her to breath well.

She underwent two major and delicate surgeries to repair the defect in her lower chest wall. The surgery was successfully done by the paediatric surgeons at KATH. She was on a ventilator after the surgery for some days that helped her lung and intestines to adjust to the realities of life. She battled other complications but here we are.

Blessing was observed for a few days and now she’s going home. We are extremely happy to see you well and going home but we will miss you and the family.

LSF is grateful to ALL our donors. There are some who want to remain anonymous and we respect that. Here are few of the donors.
“AYEKOO! NKODAA AYAREFOO DA MO ASE OO” – Well done! sick kids are grateful to you.

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